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Build a Coaching Culture: Why Coaching Is Critical in Times of Crisis


On-demand Webinar: Learn powerful techniques to develop your leaders' coaching skills so your organization can begin reaping the rewards of a coaching culture.

coaching discussion between leader and employee

Every business needs strong leadership, especially in times of crisis. As we adapt to the global COVID-19 pandemic, leaders are faced with a completely unfamiliar business landscape they are likely unprepared to handle.

To maintain effectiveness, organizations will need to quickly upskill their leaders either because they are shifting focus or forced to operate with a leaner workforce. It's critical that leaders get the coaching they need, AND also have the ability to coach others and provide productive feedback so everyone can learn and grow, while maintaining positive morale.

In this on-demand webinar you'll learn:

  • The value (and supporting research) around the 4 types of coaching
  • The importance of EQ in coaching
  • What foundations you need in place to foster a coaching culture
  • New technologies and approaches to help develop coaching skills faster

This webinar has been certified by HRCI and SHRM for 1.0 credit hours. You may claim your certificate at the completion of the webinar.

Build a Coaching Culture: Why Coaching Is Critical in Times of Crisis
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