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Talent Management intelligence

Insights and ideas for HR professionals

Welcome to Talent Management Intelligence, DDI’s blog for talent management professionals. Bloggers from DDI’s pool of thought leaders around the world will share their insights and spark debate on the talent management issues that organizations face today.

The detail is in the data: Two studies get to the heart of CEOs’ biggest challenges.
Posted: 10/13/2014 by Rich Wellins, Ph.D.
Leaders face a growing, more glaring public spotlight. It illuminates not only performance and results, but also personality and behavior.
Posted: 10/8/2014 by Simon Mitchell
DDI assessments achieve the highest levels of prediction and create unparalleled business value.
Posted: 9/30/2014 by Matt Paese
Women are underrepresented in higher levels of leadership. Yet research shows organizations with the best financial performance have more women leaders. Why the disconnect?  
Posted: 9/16/2014 by Tacy Byham, Ph.D.
Ironically, many performance management systems negatively impact performance. Learn five counterproductive practices to avoid.
Posted: 9/10/2014 by Diane Bock
Effective leaders understand when to ride with the team, when to cede the lead to others, and when to sprint out in front.
Posted: 9/4/2014 by Simon Mitchell
Many executives believe that HR is a group of affable people with big hearts but little expertise.
Posted: 8/20/2014 by Diane Bock
HR is reinventing itself once again—from reactor to partner, and now to anticipator. See what we found in our latest research, Global Leadership Forecast 2014|2015.  
Posted: 8/11/2014 by Rich Wellins, Ph.D.
To help eliminate the 9th form of waste, can leaders create a “standard operating procedure” for workplace interactions? 
Posted: 8/8/2014 by James Clevenger, Ph.D.
In the wake of Brazil’s defeat, the finger-pointing is correctly aimed at the team’s leadership and not at the players on the field.
Posted: 7/31/2014 by Neil Suchman