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Talent Management intelligence

Insights and ideas for HR professionals

Welcome to Talent Management Intelligence, DDI’s blog for talent management professionals. Bloggers from DDI’s pool of thought leaders around the world will share their insights and spark debate on the talent management issues that organizations face today.

The “i” in leadership: Rather than defining leadership for all, we should be developing individuals to become their own best version of a leader.
Posted: 4/24/2015 by Mark Busine
The biggest missed opportunity for using leadership assessment is urgent and rarely discussed.
Posted: 4/22/2015 by Ryan Heinl
In sport, as in business, adaptive leadership that can innovate under pressure, reigns over the rest.
Posted: 4/17/2015 by Andrew Warren-Smith
While the high-potential pool may seem enticing, the waters are often fraught with turbulence. Read why many candidates sink—not swim.
Posted: 4/14/2015 by Evan Sinar, Ph.D.
What’s the most overlooked defect in manufacturing? Hint: The industry finished last in leader quality.
Posted: 4/10/2015 by Jill George, Ph.D.
Everything we thought we knew is wrong: Learn what the real-world ratio looks like and what learners would like it to be.
Posted: 4/7/2015 by Rich Wellins, Ph.D.
Will your pipeline today be “so yesterday” tomorrow? If so, your next business strategy could be your last.
Posted: 4/2/2015 by Simon Mitchell
Sooner than later: Competition for talent will grow fierce as the global labor supply constricts.
Posted: 3/25/2015 by Rich Wellins, Ph.D.
Not just numbers. When we consider the words around talent data, we unleash the real power of analytics.
Posted: 3/20/2015 by Evan Sinar, Ph.D.
DDI’s Tacy Byham explores 70:20:10, and debates whether it is still relevant today based on our findings from the Global Leadership Forecast 2014|2015.
Posted: 3/17/2015 by Tacy Byham, Ph.D.
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