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Talent Management intelligence

Insights and ideas for HR professionals

Welcome to Talent Management Intelligence, DDI’s blog for talent management professionals. Bloggers from DDI’s pool of thought leaders around the world will share their insights and spark debate on the talent management issues that organizations face today.

Forgetting Someone on Boss’s Day?
Facilitators make the difference between a mere “boss” and a true leader.
Posted: 09 Oct, 2015, by John Verdone
Emotional Intelligence vs. Artificial Intelligence
Robotisation is going to demand a lot of change from businesses, not just structurally but emotionally.
Posted: 06 Oct, 2015, by Verity Creedy
Why You Need an Authentic Leadership Brand
Authenticity in first-time leaders is important for their success right out of the gate.
Posted: 30 Sep, 2015, by Tacy M. Byham, Ph.D.
It’s Time to Think Differently About Your Frontline
As companies strive to move from good to great, they can’t neglect the start of their leadership pipeline – frontline leaders.
Posted: 28 Sep, 2015, by Kevin Cook, Ph.D.
Innovation to the Rescue
The companies that select, develop, and reward leaders with the right skills are more likely to drive growth through innovation.
Posted: 22 Sep, 2015, by Michael Rafferty
Stepping Up or Falling Off: First-Time Leadership Transitions
Stepping up from one level of leadership to the next turns out not to be so easy. Learn what organizations can do to help.
Posted: 16 Sep, 2015, by Rich Wellins, Ph.D.
Engaging Millennials: Focus on the Leader, Not the Label
If engaging Millennials is the goal, we must understand what defines their leadership experience—not just their preferences.
Posted: 14 Sep, 2015, by Stephanie Neal
Forced Ranking: A Response to the Amazon Story
What’s wrong with forced ranking? Can you be performance-driven with a human touch? Explore a better approach to manage performance.
Posted: 10 Sep, 2015, by Rich Wellins, Ph.D.
7 Toxic Employee Types—And What You Can Do About Them
Four broad lessons that apply to addressing difficult employees.
Posted: 01 Sep, 2015, by Rich Wellins, Ph.D.
We Embrace the Concept of Diversity Until Confronted by the Reality of It
Most leaders are pro-diversity. However, when confronted by moments of difference, we react in ways that don’t always match our intent.
Posted: 28 Aug, 2015, by Mark Busine
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