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DDI produces the kind of future-focused insights and best practices that will help you develop talent strategies that drive your business strategy. Looking for a specific type of document? Go here.

Global Leadership Forecast 2011: Time for a Leadership Revolution!

How can you prepare your leaders to handle tomorrow’s business challenges? Where will your next generation of leaders come from? Does your organization have the right talent management practices in place to support your development efforts? These are just a few of the questions that DDI’s Global Leadership Forecast 2011 answers.

Over 2,600 organizations from 74 countries, plus 1,897 HR professionals and 12,423 leaders, have provided perspectives on the current state of leadership in their organizations and future talent-related needs.

Read the Executive Summary, or download the full report to examine how leadership competencies, practices, support systems, and culture create a competitive advantage for your organization—and learn best practices for how you can revolutionize leadership.



View the data slides from the global presentation.

Country Highlights

DDI’s Global Leadership Forecast 2011 also compares a number of countries against the full global sample. The following country highlight reports are available:

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