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Accelerating Leadership Transitions

Making the leap to mid-level leadership

Only 10 percent of middle managers feel well-prepared for business challenges; many feel flattened. Mid-level leaders struggle to make tough decisions, lead and develop talent, and drive performance against a backdrop of rapid change and organizational complexity.

What if your mid-level leaders could build the essential skills they need as they transition to a new stage in their careers? If you want to prepare new mid-level leaders for the challenges ahead, DDI’s program Accelerating Leadership Transitions can build the foundation they need.

The program explores the changing expectations that accompany a leader's move to their new role, and provides a platform for discussing the challenges they face both personally and professionally. Accelerating Leadership Transitions builds on content from DDI's Business Impact Leadership® series and equips your leaders with the skills to:

  • Understand the essential elements required to execute strategy.
  • Realize how emotional intelligence (EQ) affects business results.
  • Create and maintain strategic networks and partnerships.
  • Identify their team's development needs and accelerate high potentials.
  • Drive and make change happen with buy-in from stakeholders.

What's it like to lead other leaders? Watch this video and learn more about the unique challenges from the perspective of a first-time mid-level leader.

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