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DDI produces the kind of future-focused insights and best practices that will help you develop talent strategies that drive your business strategy. Looking for a specific type of document? Go here.


Title: Robots Can’t Engage Your Employees
By Jill George, Ph.D.
Findings from the MPI Manufacturing Study (2014) show disposition and competencies are the largest cause of terminations. [More]

Latest Resources

Title: Intact Insurance
Intact Insurance launched development programs for leaders at multiple levels, resulting in a 4 percent improvement in employee engagement. [More]
Title: Leaders as Catalysts
When you accept your first leadership job, you take one of the most important and courageous steps in your career. You’re now a boss. But will you be a good one? [More]
Title: The War for Talent is Back
Organizations don’t have enough “ready now” people to step in as older workers retire. The answer? Retirement management. [More]
Title: Winning Today's War for Talent with Retirement Management
Learn how to set up a "retirement management" program in your organization that is both legal and cost-effective. [More]
Title: Increasing Your Supply of Globally Ready Leaders
Companies with top GLR scores achieved substantially higher ROI than those in the middle/bottom groups. Do you have globally ready leaders? [More]
Title: How Global Analytics Change the HR Game
Learn how to add invaluable insights to your business strategy using future-focused analytics. [More]
Title: The Missing Links in Your Assessment Strategy
Learn about the three critical elements that are most often overlooked with developing an assessment strategy. [More]
Title: Higher Quality Leaders, Higher Return [Infographic]
Manufacturing plants with higher quality leadership are more efficient, productive, and better at engaging their workforces. [More]
Title: World-Class Results Start with World-Class HR [Infographic]
World-class manufacturers outperform their competitors—and have better human resource management and development practices. [More]
Title: Leveraging HR as Partner or Anticipator Yields Better Results [Infographic]
Plant leaders who work with HR as “Partner” or "Anticipator” manage talent issues better—before they damage the bottom line. [More]
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