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DDI produces the kind of future-focused insights and best practices that will help you develop talent strategies that drive your business strategy. Looking for a specific type of document? Go here.


Title: HR Looks to the Future
By Amogh Deshmukh
HR has made great strides—moving from order-takers to partners of the business. Read what next-step role innovators have embraced. [More]

Latest Resources

Title: 3 Must Do's For Developing Leaders
Learn the three must-do's to avoid failure of your leadership development program. [More]
Title: How Do You...Get the Most ROI from Assessment Tools You're Using?
Learn how you can identify the links between quality talent and business success. [More]
Title: VF Corporation USA
Featuring Ron Lawrence, VP of Organization Development, on fostering leaders to fuel growth. [More]
Title:  VF Corporation, Asia Pacific Brand Organization
Wendy Zhang Thomas, VP of Human Resources on leaders ready for globalization and growth. [More]
Title: Lost in Transition: How to Accelerate Leaders-in-Transition
Learn how to set up leaders-in-transition for success in their first 100 days by scaling assessment and development efforts. [More]
Title: How Do You...Successfully Implement an Assessment Strategy Around the World?
This webinar will help you start thinking about your talent needs more globally so you can you support the multinational needs of your organization. [More]
Title: A Four-Step Learning Journey to Exceptional Interviewing
Formal training is just the first step to a solid interviewing program. Learn why interviewer training should be viewed as a journey and what steps should be taken along the way. [More]
Title: How Assessment Can Catapult Leaders Further into Development
Assessment is the formula for understanding your leaders' strengths and gaps, and when combined with bridging the development of these gaps, will produce leaders that are ready in areas critical to the business. [More]
Title: Insight Powered by Analytics
DDI analytics experts propose a sight-insight-foresight structured framework to bring talent and business data together to create valuable insights for your organization. [More]
Title: How Do You...Use Assessment for Your Succession Strategy?
Learn how to create an assessment strategy that meets your succession strategy. [More]
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