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DDI produces the kind of future-focused insights and best practices that will help you develop talent strategies that drive your business strategy. Looking for a specific type of document? Go here.


Title: Welcome to the March 2015 Edition of the Leadership Development Carnival
By Rich Wellins, Ph.D.
DDI’s Rich Wellins hosts Leadership Development Carnival to share recent posts on how they are moving the needle to improve leader readiness. [More]

Latest Resources

Title: Make Learning Stick: Putting Development Accelerators to Use
Take a closer look at DDI's Development Accelerators to help you determine which are best for your training program. [More]
Title: Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd's Story
Featuring Tan Pheng Hock, President and CEO, with his views on talent management best practices. [More]
Title: The 9 Steps to Making Your Interviewing System World-Class [Guidebook]
Uncover the steps you need to take to make the right hiring and promotion decisions. [More]
Title: Seeking Answers on the Lackluster State of Leadership
Leaders aren't ready for the challenges their CEOs need them to step up to. Find out how your organization can close the gap. [More]
Title: Competency Management at its Most Competent
Ensure tighter alignment between your people and business strategies by using well-defined competencies. [More]
Title: Interviewer Skills Training: The Race for Talent Has No Finish Line
Learn how to turn your interviewer skills training process into a journey that will create a more effective and sustainable system. [More]
Title: 3 Must Do's For Developing Leaders
Learn the three must-do's to avoid failure of your leadership development program. [More]
Title: How Do You...Get the Most ROI from Assessment Tools You're Using?
Learn how you can identify the links between quality talent and business success. [More]
Title: VF Corporation USA
Featuring Ron Lawrence, VP of Organization Development, on fostering leaders to fuel growth. [More]
Title:  VF Corporation, Asia Pacific Brand Organization
Wendy Zhang Thomas, VP of Human Resources on leaders ready for globalization and growth. [More]
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