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Cardinal Health


Facing a rapidly evolving health care market, Cardinal Health needed to build the capabilities of its frontline leaders and align with its values, its corporate mission, “Essential to care™,” and eight broad leadership competencies known as the Leadership Essentials.


Cardinal launched two-level leadership development program it called Core Management Skills (CMS). The program incorporated courses from DDI’s Interaction Management® leadership development system. Courses from the series serve as the foundation for the first level, CMS 100, a two-day program focused on developing fundamental skills for effective workplace interactions. Topics covered in CMS 100 include building strategic work relationships, communication, coaching, and aligning performance for success.

A second level of the program, the two-day CMS 200, focused on engaging and motivating employees, and creating an environment of trust.

For both CMS 100 and CMS 200, Cardinal worked with DDI to customize the training examples to offer real-world scenarios leaders are likely to encounter on the job.


  • Leaders displayed a 49 percent improvement in effective behaviors.
  • Post-development, participants rated their overall performance at 91 (versus 83 pre-development—on a scale of 0 to 100).
  • Leader effectiveness and communication with teams improved 62 and 63 percent, respectively.

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