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Business and Talent: Alignment or Discord?

DDI experts discuss auditing current talent strategy and share a framework for integrating talent activities into a cohesive whole.

Talent management strategy is the key to unlocking the wealth of talent in your organization—it is critical to business success. But whose responsibility is the talent strategy? Where do business leaders and HR fit in?

Matt Paese and Simon Mitchell addressed these questions by:

  • Auditing current talent strategy
  • Looking at a framework that integrates talent activities into a cohesive whole
  • Questioning the role business plays in the talent management process and what HR’s role should be
  • Recognizing what the business wants from a talent strategy and what it doesn’t
  • Learning to avoid the common CEO traps
  • Hearing about a practical way to define what success in role really looks like

The Reviews are in...

"Great 30-minute presentation on talent management with some simple models I could definitely apply within my organization." - Louise Cornes, Global Capability Development Director, AstraZeneca

"Enlightening and thought provoking, particularly helpful for those in positions of execution."

"A thought-provoking session, concise delivery, and great tools which we shall be looking to implement."

Talk to an Expert: Business and Talent: Alignment or Discord?

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