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How Lean Leaders can Eliminate the 9th Form of Waste

Learn how to recognize and eliminate the 9th form of waste from poor workplace interactions.

The practice and pursuit of lean transformation evolved from being a competitive advantage to a necessity of survival. Nearly all businesses, regardless of industry, strive to eliminate waste. Leaders are essential in creating a lean environment and eliminating a ninth (and overlooked) form of waste beyond the eight recognized forms.

Listen as we share how to:

  • Standardize interactions and operationalize respectful communication–much like any other manufacturing process–and why it works.
  • Transform supervisors into coaches who collaborate and guide teams.
  • Build accountability and engage supervisors' managers to model and reinforce new leadership skills.
  • Implement and sustain the “people side of lean” initiatives

For more insights and resources, visit The People Side of Lean.


  • Diane Bock, Senior Consultant, DDI (moderator)
  • James Clevenger, Ph.D., Strategic Account Manager, DDI
  • Scott Erker, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, DDI

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