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Workforce Selection: Know More. Guess Less.

This webinar offers a simple framework for rethinking your approach to making hiring and promotion decisions.

New research shows that only 50% of selection decisions are considered a win-win for the hiring manager and the candidate. And, only one-third of organizations use validated tools to help them make better decisions. That’s sad, because more than any other talent strategy, validated tools provide a great return on investment.

During the webinar, Rich Wellins and Scott Erker:

  • Present a simple framework to rethink your approach to hiring and promotion decisions.
  • Discuss the different types of selection tools that are available, what they predict, and when to best use them.
  • Share tips for improving the most misused portion of any selection system: the interview.
  • Talk about how to deploy analytics to measure and predict future performance.

The Reviews are in...

“These webinars continue to provide a quick snapshot of ideas and suggestions for improvement in the various HR activities we all manage.”

“These webinars are efficient, informative and valuable for me to get current info and approaches to talent issues.”

“I like the concentrated approach to the topic. Who doesn't have 30 minutes to spare in their day to learn about current trends on talent?”

Talk to an Expert: Workforce Selection: Know More. Guess Less.

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