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Talent Management In 30 Minutes

Talent Management lives or dies with your business leaders, but too many talent management strategies live only in an HR bubble. It’s as illogical as thinking that profitability should be the sole responsibility of finance. Your talent strategy is critical to business success, so you need to understand how business thinks about talent. What exactly does the CEO want? What is the role of senior leadership? How can momentum be sustained? What are the traps and can they be avoided? You can’t solve these challenges in one half-hour session, but you can in six!

View a series of six 30-minute webinars to learn how to create and execute a business-relevant talent management program.

Find out more and view recordings of the entire series.

Recorded Webinars

Title: Proving Business Impact: Sustaining Momentum
In this webinar we identify five secrets to sustaining momentum, and explore the CEO’s role in making it happen (it’s not what you think). [Read more]
Title: Succession Management: Sustainable Leadership for the Future
During this webinar, we define leadership success profiles in the business terms that resonate most with senior leaders. [Read more]
Title: Workforce Selection: Know More. Guess Less.
This webinar offers a simple framework for rethinking your approach to making hiring and promotion decisions. [Read more]
Title: Business and Talent: Alignment or Discord?
DDI experts discuss auditing current talent strategy and share a framework for integrating talent activities into a cohesive whole. [Read more]
Title: Business Relevant Leadership Development
In this webinar, we share leaders’ perspectives on what works and what doesn’t in terms of development and the key to high engagement. [Read more]
Title: Performance Management: Aligning Individual Performance with Organizational Strategy
Learn how to drive business execution by connecting strategy to individual and team goals, and how to separate top performers from the rest. [Read more]

Talk to an Expert: Talent Management In 30 Minutes

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