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Close Your Talent Gaps with DDI

DDI has a comprehensive, yet practical, approach to talent management. It’s been a successful blueprint for many clients because it brings together strategies, processes, and activities required to systematically manage an organization’s talent.

Talent Strategy

We believe that a sound talent strategy starts with a clear picture of the business outcomes you expect and defining the talent you will need to achieve the outcomes.

DDI will work with you to:

  • Pinpoint current and future business drivers
  • Define how success will be measured
  • Identify gaps in the quality and quantity of talent required to execute your business drivers
  • Pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in your current talent management systems and capabilities
  • Deliver a strategy aimed at closing your talent gaps

Our Expertise

We bring the deepest, broadest and freshest experience, programs and technology to the table to ensure a successful and sustainable talent management plan.

Take a closer look at each area of expertise:

Success Profile Management
If you don’t know what you are looking for, you will never find it. DDI’s Success ProfileSM Management process will quickly and accurately identify what success looks like for all of your critical roles.

Selection & Assessment
No amount of development will make up for a poor hiring or promotion decision. DDI offers the most comprehensive range of assessment, testing and behavioral interviewing tools in the world.

Leadership & Workforce Development
Learning may start in the classroom—or online—but it must continue on the job. DDI provides relevant and challenging learning experiences for all levels from individual contributors and front-line leaders to mid-level and senior leaders.

Succession Management
When your CEO asks “Who’s next?” will you know? Succession management is about continually developing and moving talent over time. It’s about having leaders who are ready today to meet your business needs of tomorrow.

Performance Management
It's the greatest catalyst to successful talent management. And it is often the most poorly implemented. Done well, performance management enables the execution of business strategy by creating alignment, accountability and focus.

Execution—We Make It Stick

Choosing the right talent management initiatives and implementing them well is just half the battle. The other half is making it all stick. Our systematic approach to execution can help you achieve the results you need for your talent—and your organization.

Here’s how we can help you execute:

  • Clear and ongoing communication to all stakeholders about what you are doing and why
  • A relentless focus on clear accountabilities: defining who is responsible for what.
  • Aligning your talent initiatives with systems such as rewards, recognition, and compensation to drive results
  • Putting a measurement process in place. Our own Center for Analytics and Behavioral Research will help you determine the real impact of your implementation.

Talent is Your Business…It’s Our Business, Too.

As we talk with clients, one theme emerges over and over again: DDI associates. The strength of their partnership skills. The quality of their work. The level of expertise they bring. And, most of all, the passion they have for making a meaningful difference in the organizations they work with.

We’re an uncommon company in so many ways.

We invite you to get to know us better.