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Univar Solutions prepares its leaders to face the future

Learn how Univar Solutions used DDI leadership assessments to build a learning journey to create a stronger bench. The result? Engagement and motivation.

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The Need

Leaders from different departments would soon be leaders at a higher level so they needed to reinforce the competencies to reduce the gap in their leadership quality. 

The Solution

Univar Solutions applied DDI leadership assessments Manager Ready® and LII® to define the IM:EXL® leadership modules to develop the needed competencies to face the future.

The Result

Engagement and motivation on leaders who now have a strategic vision of the business. They are ready for succession and sharing the acquired competencies with their collaborators and peers.

Univar Solutions, a multinational chemical distribution company, identified leaders from different areas who would taken new roles at a higher level and needed to reinforce the necessary competencies to close the gap in their leadership quality.

Their leaders needed to reinforce skills such as relationship management, improving interactions, coaching, resolution conflict, planning, delegation and therefore they approached DDI to create a fully customized learning journey that would help them develop the required skills. The program was called "Leading Univar Solutions".

The learning journey began by applying the Manager Ready and the test Leadership Insight Inventory® to all the leaders who participated in this program to assess the competencies they wanted to develop. Each leader received personalized feedback from a DDI consultant where they explained their results and were able to identify their strengths and opportunity areas to start a development plan.

Afterwards DDI delivered a Strategic Talent Review session where was presented all the leaders results to Human Resources department, then, the IM:EXL® courses were chosen focus on the development needs of Univar Solutions. The leadership courses were delivered in a virtual classroom format, taking advantage of DDI's  virtual classroom and the Pinpoint platform.

A closing session of the program was held where the leaders shared the details of what they worked on and what they learned during the 7 months of development.

At the end of the leadership program, the leaders ended up highly committed to Univar Solutions, motivated to continue growing as leaders and grateful to DDI because they received the necessary tools to improve their leadership.

Leaders now have a strategic vision of the business, they are ready for succession and sharing the acquired competencies with their collaborators and peers.

Karla Pérez Akaki, Human Resources Director

Holy Zavala, Product Manager

Gabriel Cancino, Account Manager

Pablo Zúñiga, Customer Service Manager

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