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Driving Business Growth through Sales Talent

Linking talent strategy to business strategy is particularly critical when it comes to sales talent. Sales drive business growth, and the need to keep growing despite challenging economic conditions and threats from competitors is prompting many organizations to shift sales strategies to maximize growth.

Consultative Selling Strategy ModelSimply “making the numbers” by calling on customers and taking orders no longer cuts it. Salespeople need to be able to execute bigger-picture, growth-driven sales strategies, whether that involves selling new products, entering new markets or shifting from a product-centric sales model to a business-centric approach.

Do you know whether your current sales talent has the ability make this shift? (DDI research shows that 40% of the people in sales roles are not ready). What about your sales leaders? Do they have the ability to lead the transition and inspire your sales talent to execute your organization’s business strategies, drive growth, enhance customer relationships and decrease sales costs? 

Build a High-Performing Sales Force 

DDI has helped hundreds of organizations optimize sales talent by identifying the right “DNA” to build a high-performing salesorganization. We also provide  best practices to boost sales results overall, even in a challenging economic environment. Our proven expertise and tools help you identify successful sales professionals and executives, transform your good sales performers into great ones and groom those with high potential to become your next generation of sales leaders.

We can help you: 

  • Define what A-players look like using Success ProfilesSM— the skills, knowledge and abilities required for extraordinary sales forces.
  • Make better hiring, promotion and development decisions by evaluating the talent you have against the challenges of today’s demanding sales roles. 
  • Develop salespeople and sales leaders with the skills customers expect and the savvy you need to execute sales strategies and produce outstanding results for your business.  

Companies such as sanofi-aventis, Infosys, and Avon have partnered with DDI to put the right sales reps, managers, and executives in place. We can help you do the same—manage your sales talent to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.