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Mid-Level Leaders

Your talent management plan needs a solid core: strong mid-level leaders. As the conduit between the executive level and the front line, mid-level leaders turn senior leaders’ vision for the organization into reality. They can be charged with running an entire business, or successfully introducing and managing change. Having great leaders at this level is also vital to building a healthy leadership pipeline for the future of your business. 
DDI knows the unique challenges—and infinite opportunities—that organizations must consider when hiring, developing and promoting these leaders. 

The Results of Working with DDI? 

Your organization will have a strong pipeline of exceptional leadership talent to meet your ever-changing business challenges. Your mid-level leaders will be more engaged and far more likely to stay with your organization. And, since there is a strong correlation between the effectiveness of operational leaders and the success of your business strategies, your business should reach new heights.

DDI Mid-Level Expertise

Development. Our competency-based curriculum of courses known as Business Impact LeadershipSM, is specifically designed for mid-level leadership development as well as your high potential leaders. BIL links individual leaders’ development to business needs and the unique responsibilities of the role. It also engages leaders with case studies, discovery learning, self-insight tools, action learning and networking opportunities. The Strategic Leadership Experience (SLE) is an intense immersion program to prepare operational leaders for the unique challenges and demands of senior strategic leadership.

Succession Management. Succession management systems will help you identify leaders who have the highest potential for growth and identify the best path to accelerate their development.

Competencies. Developing holistic Success ProfilesSM of the mid-level leadership talent will help you execute your business goals

Selection Solutions. Selection systems ensure the hiring and/or promotion of exceptional mid-level leadership talent.

Assessment. DDI’s Operational Leader Assessment System® assesses leaders’ readiness to assume positions of greater responsibility, and develop strategies to accelerate their growth as they transition into new roles

Performance Management. Driving flawless execution of business strategies through strong performance management systems.