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Global Leadership Forecast

Survey deadline extended!

What if you could tap into the world’s largest leadership database to see exactly what business leaders and human resource professionals really think about what it takes to develop and accelerate leaders? And what if you could also have the research data to actually prove what really does make a difference for companies like yours? What are the proven practices to link your leadership strategy with your business strategy?

You can with the Global Leadership Forecast 2017|2018, in partnership with DDI, EY, and The Conference Board.

Gain valuable insights about today’s leadership trends with your individual participation.

You can also benchmark your organization's leadership practices against some of the world's leading organizations by taking our 20-minute survey and inviting your leaders to participate in a special leader survey.

The survey is available in:

Participate in the HR Survey

By participating, you'll gain valuable insights about today's leadership trends.

To benchmark your organization, you need 1 HR professional survey and 50 leader surveys (for organizations with 2,500+ employees) or 30 leader surveys (for organizations with less than 2,500 employees) to receive a customized company report comparing your organization’s data to local and global norms.

After receiving your completed HR professional survey, we will email you a unique survey link for you to send to leaders at all levels within your organization. Please do not ask your leaders to complete the same survey you did, as we will be asking them slightly different questions. Only one HR professional per organization needs to participate in this part of the study.

Your responses are always held confidential.


Participation benefits:

  • Early access to the final report looking at leadership trends and issues that have changed over the past 18 years as well as those that are emerging.
  • A customized benchmark report comparing your organization’s data to local, global, and industry norms.*
  • An opportunity to attend briefings to share your experiences and network with other select organizations from our global study.

For more information:

Participate in the Leader Survey

You are about to join colleagues from around the world who are sharing their leadership experiences and perspectives with us. Your confidential responses will help shape identification of trends about the leader’s role, and what would help you be more successful.

By completing this survey, you will be representing leaders of your organization. With enough responses, the results from this study will be used to inform your organization about what is needed to make leadership programs more beneficial for leaders. Individual responses are always confidential.


For more information:

*To qualify for a free company benchmarking report of the Global Leadership Forecast, your organization must complete 1 HR Survey and 50 Leader Surveys (for organizations with 2,500+ employees) or 30 Leader Surveys (for organizations with less than 2,500 employees). Leaders of all levels should be encouraged to participate.

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