Global Leadership Forecast

DDI’s Global Leadership Forecast (GLF) is the largest leadership study of its kind, offering a true forecast into what’s next for leadership.

DDI first began this stream of research more than 23 years ago to track the challenges and trends of leadership. It has since grown into the largest leadership study of its kind. More than 13,000 global leaders and 1,500 organizations contributed to the most recent GLF.

This research contains deep data and findings about leadership bench strength, best practices for leadership development, retention, diversity, and so much more. Get dozens of practical, evidence-based recommendations for critical business issues, and learn about changes in the caliber of global leadership.   


Global Leadership Forecast 2023

In our 2023 GLF research, we saw clear signs of a restless pipeline of leaders who are seeking more from their work. After leading through several years of crisis, leaders are exhausted by constant change. They’re wondering if there are better places to build a career that complements the life they want—and allows them to grow and make a bigger impact. This year’s report is full of actionable insights to help you invest in the right development opportunities to deliver the growth your leaders crave and will prepare your company for the uncertain challenges ahead.


Global Leadership Forecast 2021

When we launched our GLF 2021 survey in February of 2020, we had no idea what our world would face. We were able to capture responses from before and during a global pandemic as well as how leaders adjusted to a new normal. What came through clearly in this study is that companies are gearing up for an era of constant crisis. Learn how working during a crisis has challenged leaders most and key trends and best talent practices to act on today.


Global Leadership Forecast 2018

GLF 2018 is a three-way collaboration with DDI, The Conference Board, and EY. The report includes 25 findings, ranging from digital transformation to gender and generational diversity to the roles of purpose and culture in building an effective, sustainable leadership strategy for a digital age.


Global Leadership Forecast 2015

GLF 2015 is a joint report between DDI and The Conference Board. With 25 findings, the report helps you understand how ready-now leaders drive financial success. You’ll also learn how talent programs impact leader readiness and how to mitigate risks to program success.