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Facilitators' Club


Your community of practice

To meet your needs as accredited DDI facilitators, we are pleased to present the Facilitators' Club (FC). 

Transferring any new learning back to your workplaces can have its challenges... just ask any first time facilitator! Our support resources and events are designed to assist you in breaking down the barriers that inhibit the transfer of skills/learning to on-the-job application. Sharing 40+ years of DDI’s skills, tools & knowledge, the FC will ensure your learning investment is realised.

It is not just about what you can learn from DDI though! The FC will also present opportunities to network and interact with other facilitators and learn from one another. Even if you’re a seasoned facilitator, the FC will provide fresh ideas and perspectives that will assist in your ongoing professional development.

Your accreditation

Remember, your accreditation is for life!

If you change organisations, be sure to let us know and we’ll update our records so you still have access to our world-class products and services.

For support and advice, please feel free to contact a DDI representative on 1800 035 604 or

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