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Targeted Selection®

A big part of talent management is acquiring the talent your organization needs to carry out its business strategies. That means hiring the right people with the right skills at the right time. DDI’s Targeted Selection® (TS®) allows you to do just that.

TS is the world’s most proven, accurate behavioral interviewing system. But it is so much more than that. TS provides recruiters and hiring managers with the resources and skills they need to hire and retain top talent. At the same time, TS is highly flexible, offering several workshops, certifications and learning modalities to help you realize the results you want for your organization in a way that works for you. 

Why Targeted Selection?

  • Hones recruiters' and hiring managers' interviewing skills to make the right hiring and promotion decisions.
  • Prevents interviewers from veering off course and asking invalid – or worse, illegal – questions.
  • Leaves candidates with a favorable impression of your company.
  • Enables your organization to train your own staff on behavioral interviewing techniques.
  • Incorporates behavioral interviewing as a consistent part of a validated talent acquisition system.
  • Enhances candidates’ positive perceptions of your organization.
  • Improves retention by helping you select people who are engaged and who will be a good fit within your organization.
  • Includes additional courses to enable your interviewers to gather information on specific technical skills, sell the job to the candidate and get new hires off to a strong start. 

Targeted Selection Training Opportunities

  • Targeted Selection®:Interviewer – The core of TS is training behavioral interviewers within your organization. Interviewers may complete the TS: Interviewer training in a classroom setting or via a blended learning methodology  – a combination of web-based training and skill practice. This skill practice can be completed in three ways: Practice Lab, Personal Practice with a DDI Coach or On-the-Job Coaching with a DDI-trained Coach.
  • Targeted Selection®:Trainer – Certifies trainers to train additional interviewers within your organization.
  • Targeted Selection®: Program Manager – Certifies program managers with the skills and tools necessary to lead your organization’s TS implementation.
  • Additional modules to enhance your behavioral interviewing implementation:
    • TS®: Interviewing for Technical Skills, a ½-day course designed to help interviewers better determine if candidates have the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in a highly technical or specialized position
    • Strong Start®, a new ½-day course that gives leaders a process to help new hires become productive quickly, enhance a new hire’s engagement and increase his or her desire to stay with the position or the organization

An Integratable System

As part of DDI’s suite of integratable hiring solutions, Targeted Selection is fully compatible with our full range of job analysis, employment testing and assessment, and simulation solutions. TS is available in 14 languages, and DDI is committed to working with our clients to meet specific language requirements.