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Built on well-researched, experience-tested concepts, our solutions are flexible and adaptable—making them easy for you to scale globally and configure for more agile assessment and development. Discover products and services by expertise or by functional level.

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Automated Diagnostics and Testing
Full spectrum of tests that evaluate candidates to predict performance.
Impact Evaluation
Built-in measurement tools to evaluate the impact of DDI's solutions.
Manager Ready® (frontline assessment)
Management assessment to evaluate frontline leader preparedness and diagnose skill gaps.
Manufacturing, Assembly, and Production Simulation
Virtual simulation to be used when assessing candidates for hourly manufacturing, assembly, and production jobs
Success ProfilesSM (competency management)
Competencies, personal attributes, knowledge, and experience that define an ideal performer.
Talent Management Analytics and Measurement - Leadership
Tools and methods to provide actionable insights that drive business decisions.
Targeted Selection® (behavioral interviewing)
Behavioral interviewing system to provide a structured, consistent approach.


Classroom Leadership Training
Instructor-led training from DDI's award-winning leadership development systems.
Leadership Microcourses
Learner-driven microlearning on essential skills and topics.
Learning Journeys
Custom-designed leadership development experiences anchored on your business strategy.
Online Learning Library
Digital content for today's self-directed learners.
Strong Start® (onboarding)
Step-by-step process to accelerate new hires’ on-boarding and time to productivity.
Sustainability Tactics
Expert advice to sustain the momentum of your initiatives.
Virtual Classroom Leadership Training
Effectively develops critical leadership skills without the time and expense of travel.
Zapp! Zone: Jane’s Dilemma
An animated game for leaders to practice and refine the use of DDI’s Key Principles.

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