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Performance Management Audit

Review your approach to performance management

When was the last time reviewed your performance management process and system?

The Performance Management Audit provides a snapshot of your current approach to performance management by answering questions like: What works well? What could be improved? How do people perceive the process? Do managers and direct reports have differing perspectives?

A brief 40-item questionnaire helps pinpoint strengths and gaps to help you make informed decisions to enhance or reinvent your performance management process.

The Performance Management Audit provides results on:

  • Alignment of individual goals with corporate or business-unit goals
  • Strength of focus on measurable goals, accountabilities, and competencies
  • Skills of managers and employees to set realistic and measurable goals
  • Skills of managers in evaluating behavior and conducting meaningful performance conversations
  • Strength of focus on development

With the Performance Management Audit, you can assess your current performance management process using real-time data and prioritize next steps to improve or reinvent your approach to performance management.

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