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GOnewsletter Issue 45

The Workplace is No Place for the Battle of the Sexes
Tacy Byham, DDI’s CEO, says that perhaps the biggest mistake any organization can make is to undervalue human potential—that includes everyone, both men and women. (from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
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Don’t Bother Developing Leaders at Two Levels!
DDI’s Leadership Databank shows that having an effective leadership development program at two levels delivers only incrementally better results. It’s when you have effective programs at all levels—frontline, mid-, and senior-level—that you see true transformation.
For Selecting High-Performing Leaders, Science Beats Guessing
A new DDI report shows how assessments help you hire great leaders who deliver on efficiency and profitability, develop others, focus on customers, and drive change.
Yet More Proof that Developing Leaders Is Good Business
Too often, leadership development is viewed by the C-suite as a cost that delivers little, if anything, in return. Here’s how you can demonstrate value and build a business case for investing in your organization’s leaders. (from Chief Learning Officer)
Are Your Managers the Weak Link?
Manager support is the most critical factor in determining the impact of a leadership development initiative. Here’s what the managers of your leaders need to do—and how to get them to do it—to make sure training works and sticks.

GOmagazine GO Magazine 2017 Issue 2

See the latest Web-Edition of GO Magazine 2017 Issue 2

Read how Oldcastle Materials is changing its culture with the help of a customized leadership development program, and about how Steelcase has taken the lead in the use of assessment to drive better decision-making. The issue also includes groundbreaking new DDI research on the impact of the Interaction Management® leadership development system, new research comparing the perspectives of Millennial leaders with those of leaders from older generations as well as current CEOs, and fascinating findings from a global survey of 300 parents on the frequency with which children demonstrate 10 leadership potential characteristics. Plus, author Bruce Weinstein discusses the importance of hiring and promoting honest people.

Title: Paving the Way for More Effective Leaders
A business-driven development program with customized content has helped make Oldcastle Materials’ frontline leaders better. [Read more]
Title: All Leadership Development Isn’t Created Equal. Here’s Proof.
New DDI research shows the behavioral—and business—impact of Interaction Management®. [Read more]
Title: Taking Assessment to Another Level
At Steelcase, assessment—in many forms—drives better decisions. [Read more]
Title: Could Your Child Be a Future CEO?
DDI’s “Classroom to Boardroom” research explores at what age leadership potential can be spotted, and what it might mean for organizations (as well as parents!). [Read more]
Title: What’s GOing On
Introducing the Lead Next app, DDI and EY announce Africa partnership, and supporting a great cause on International Women's Day. [Read more]
Title: Trend Tracker
New research on how the perspectives of Millennial leaders compare with older leaders and current CEOs. [Read more]
Title: Coffee on the GO with Bruce Weinstein
The author of The Good Ones on the importance of hiring and promoting honest people. [Read more]
Title: Information You Can Use
New DDI research and thought leadership to spark your thinking about leadership. [Read more]

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