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Foster Diversity and Inclusion

We Must Do More!

The business case for diversity and inclusion has been made clear in study after study. But despite good intentions, many companies struggle to make progress.

Why? Two reasons. First, unconscious bias influences the hiring and promotion process. As a result, new leaders often resemble previous leaders. Second, company cultures are often built on commonality, which can be exclusive to people from diverse backgrounds. Thus, diverse talent heads for the door, or can't contribute fully. Fortunately, we can help in both areas.

Bring Inclusion to Life with Virtual Reality

There’s a big reason why so many diversity and inclusion initiatives fail: key leaders just don’t “get it.” If they haven’t experienced exclusion, it’s hard to understand the barriers.

DDI’s award-winning virtual reality inclusion experience can change that. With a few minutes in a virtual world, we can take leaders out of their comfort zones. With a new spark of awareness, your leaders can have a powerful conversation about inclusion at your organization. And more importantly, they’ll commit to taking action.

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I started to think, 'Have I been on the other side of the table where I've made people feel like they can't get a word in edgewise?' 

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Avoid Bias in Hiring

Interviews are an easy place for bias to slip into the hiring process. In an unstructured process, hiring managers usually connect best with people most like themselves. Thus, those who appear different, or have a different background, may not appear like the right fit.

That’s why DDI invented behavioral interviewing. Our approach helps companies focus on candidates’ skills and behavior. More importantly, we help you put a structure in place to help reduce bias.

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of employees say that their leaders promote an inclusive team environment


Develop Inclusive Leadership

An inclusive culture starts with leaders’ actions. They need to practice involvement, coach and develop others, and value diverse perspectives. Also, they need to recognize exclusion and hold their fellow leaders accountable.

We can help your leaders build foundational skills that set the tone for inclusion. Because it’s not enough for just a few leaders to focus on inclusion. Success depends on having a common understanding among all your leaders about what inclusion means in your organization.

Build inclusive leadership skills 

Make Objective Leadership Decisions

In most organizations, there’s less diversity the further you go up the ladder. That’s because many of the people chosen for promotions just seem like good leaders. But is it really because of their skill? Or do they seem like leaders because they resemble current or past leaders?

Objective assessments can help break the cycle. DDI’s leadership assessments provide unbiased data on each candidate’s skills. That way, you can make sure that promotion decisions are based on data, not just gut feeling.

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It’s not just about developing themselves and developing each other. From a business perspective it also gives them personal challenges, but then it also helps us to think about how we grow CI as an organization.

— Lorraine Blair, Chief Talent Officer, CI Financial


of C-suite positions are held by women

McKinsey & The Lean In Foundation, 2019

Support Women in Leadership

Women make up half the workforce, but only 22 percent of the C-suite. At the same time, DDI’s Global Leadership Forecast has consistently shown that companies with more women leaders outperform their less diverse counterparts.

DDI can help unleash the potential of women leaders with our award-winning development content to build confidence and competence. But our sessions aren’t just for aspiring women. We also empower senior leaders and colleagues to be allies for women in the workplace.

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