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Manufacturing Articles

3 Keys to a Manufacturing 4.0 Workforce
As the focus shifts in the industry, manufacturers must rethink the skill sets they require of production employees and their plant leaders. [Article]
The Weakest Link in Your Cybersecurity? Your Leaders.
Cybersecurity is not just a technology challenge. It must become an ingrained part of the culture if manufacturers are to protect their data. [Article]
Closing the Gap in M4.0 Leadership Skills
In the same way that technology is upgraded with Manufacturing 4.0, manufacturers need to proactively invest in their leadership benches. [Article]
Trend Tracker: Manufacturing Leaders Aren't Ready to Deliver
New manufacturing findings from the Global Leadership Forecast 2014 ǀ 2015 data. [GO Magazine Article]
Higher Quality Leaders, Higher Return
Manufacturing plants with higher quality leadership are more efficient, productive, and better at engaging their workforces. [InfoGraphic]
World-Class Results Start with World-Class HR
World-class manufacturers outperform their competitors—and have better human resource management and development practices. [InfoGraphic]
Leveraging HR as Partner or Anticipator Yields Better Results
Plant leaders who work with HR as “Partner” or "Anticipator” manage talent issues better—before they damage the bottom line. [InfoGraphic]
Undervaluing Disposition and Competencies Will Erode Your Bottom Line
Personal attributes are at the root of most terminations—yet manufacturing executives routinely ignore these during the hiring process. [InfoGraphic]
Interact, Don’t Manage
What trumps technology, innovation, and data when it comes to what’s critical to plant leaders’ success? Interacting with employees. [InfoGraphic]
There’s a Process for That: Embracing the People Side of Lean
In manufacturing, ineffective workplace interactions are the 9th form of waste—one that can be eliminated! [GO Magazine Article]
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