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Development Solutions for Today’s Leader

Content and tools to design a “just-for-me” learning experience

Put your leaders in charge with our latest “just-for-me” development experiences. Explore powerful ways to turn your leaders’ learning into performing.

How do you narrow the gap between learning and performing?

In a recent blog series, we explored how L&D professionals are faced with challenging the “I learn, then I perform” mindset. How can L&D professionals transform into Learning Experience Managers to address major changes and find opportunities to narrow the gap between learning and performing?

We designed our leadership development solutions with today's leader top-of-mind. Our expansive offering of content, tools, and delivery options meet their need for engagement, skills acquisition, and growth. With DDI, you can design a more engaging experience for leaders to learn and perform.

Design leadership development experiences with DDI's robust and flexible content, tools, and delivery options

ENGAGE: How leaders can commit to change and growth

  • Assessment: Diagnose strengths and gaps for accelerated, personalized development.
  • Research: Proof points and data answer the question “why learn?”
  • Self-Insight Tools: Surveys, reflections, and self-evaluations generate self-awareness.

LEARN: How leaders acquire new skills and development

GROW: How leaders can apply and sustain learning

  • Application Tools: Planners, job aids, and best practices.
  • Games: Friendly competition and fun puts learners’ skills to the test.
  • Manager Support: Content for leaders-of-learners to maximize ROI.
  • Measurement: Built-in knowledge checks and impact evaluation.
  • Mobile Learning: Reinforcement at leaders' fingertips.
  • Refreshers: Activities and tools for reviews and check-ins.
  • Simulations: Virtual practice for real-world situations.
  • Social: Discussion starters for continued peer learning.
  • Videos: Multimedia to inspire learning.

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