Interaction Management Leadership Development Program

A Leadership Development Program Proven to Work

The success of a leadership development program depends on how leaders change afterward. Do they act differently? Do they have better conversations? Are their teams more engaged?

DDI’s Interaction Management® is a leadership development program built on science and measurement. And it’s proven to help managers think, act, and lead differently on the job.

Over five decades, we’ve trained millions of leaders worldwide using Interaction Management. And we’ve got the data to show that leaders not only transform themselves, but their companies. Because better leaders create a better future.

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Leadership Development That Gets Results


of direct reports whose leader attended Interaction Management reported increased engagement.

DDI, PROOF, 2017


Average increase in work quality after leaders attended Interaction Management

DDI, PROOF, 2017


Average increase in sales after leaders attended Interaction Management

DDI, PROOF, 2017
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Turn Skills Into Actions

The easy part in any leadership development program is to teach people concepts. The hard part is turning the learning into skills.

Interaction Management is all about practice and application. Specifically, it gives them practice and confidence for difficult situations they may encounter every day. And we give them the follow-up tools to start turning their new skills into habits.  

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Designed for Formal or Informal Leaders

Leadership comes in many forms. In some cases, it doesn’t start until someone gets the official manager title. But others lead long before they have the title.

Interaction Management offers a range of courses for managers and individual contributors. That way, you can build better interactions and soft skills among your entire frontline.

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“Both [DDI’s] Key Principles and the Interaction Guidelines have become the core of how we all interact with each other and how we train every single employee that comes into the organization.”

— Janine Luz, Vice President, Learning

Deliver Engaging Virtual Learning Experiences

Your leaders might all work from home, or be scattered across the globe. With virtual classroom options, you can still create engaging learning experiences that connect leaders together.

For more than a decade, DDI has been bringing the classroom into the virtual world. And it’s far more than just a click-through online course. Our virtual classrooms include discussions, activities, and skill practice using virtual breakout rooms. And by the end, your leaders have not only learned new skills, but have connected with each other.

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Personalize the Learning Experience

It’s not just about what happens in the classroom that counts. Your leaders need the right mix of tools, microcourses, and activities to give a complete experience.

DDI’s Pinpoint platform creates a digital experience that takes your leadership development program to the next level. On Pinpoint, you can curate an experience that’s just right for you.

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Try Out Virtual Reality

Virtual reality offers a new frontier to train soft skills. DDI’s Interaction Management is one of the first leadership development programs in the world to bring VR into the classroom.

With VR, we can bring tough leadership situations to life. You might have to coach a difficult employee. Or handle a highly emotional team member. These tough situations put your newfound leadership skills to the test. But in VR, there’s no fear of failure. So you can build confidence along with skill.

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Get Certified

The key to a great classroom experience is a skilled facilitator. DDI’s facilitators are among the best in the world, and deliver outstanding experiences. And we can certify you to do it, too.

DDI’s Facilitator Certification Process is a 3-day program that will enable you to deliver any Interaction Management course. And we can even give you a booster to make sure you can deliver courses virtually.

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