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Your Guide to DDI's Talent Management Solutions

Course Overview

This course is designed to provide learners with an awareness of what is needed for a successful Targeted Selection® implementation, including the decisions that need to be made, the questions to ask, and the people to involve.

  • The prework gets learners started thinking about their plans as they begin to answer key questions on the implementation planning worksheet.
  • In class, learners begin by discussing reasons for the success or failure of past training and development implementations, and the sustainability factors that will be important to the success of their implementation.  
  • Using the implementation planning worksheet and guided by best practices, learners discuss and follow the seven steps in the implementation planning worksheet as they continue to develop their own implementation plans that align with their business needs and includes a communication strategy, roles and responsibilities, timelines, and a defined methodology for measurement.
  • Learners discuss ways to identify the Success ProfileSM (competencies) for target positions, including the Competency Confirmation Discussion process.  
  • Learners are provided with a CD toolkit for implementation planning, including a library of 56 competencies from the high-performance and health care sub-libraries, as well as a bank of interview questions tied to those competencies.
  • Best practices and key result areas are highlighted and learners receive guidelines for identifying resources and support for their Targeted Selection® implementation.

Video Segment Summaries

There are no videos for this course.

Course Details

  • Target Audience: Leaders, managers, and others involved in establishing a consistent, accurate hiring system in the organization.
  • Course Length: One day (Classroom).
  • Facilitator Certification: DDI Master Trainer required.
  • Prerequisites: successful completion of TS® Interviewer or TS® Trainer.
  • Group Size: Up to six people.
  • Prework: Yes. Thirty to 60 minutes.

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