Leadership Development That Works

The Human Side of Leadership

We’ve been in the leadership development industry for fifty years, and have heard every complaint in the book about bosses. And we know that bad bosses are the #1 reason people leave jobs.  

But leadership is a uniquely human endeavor. And it’s incredibly difficult. At DDI, we help your leaders develop the skills that will make them successful at every level of leadership. From emerging leaders up to the CEO, we offer innovative leadership development solutions that support your talent strategy for the future. 

Powerful Leadership Development Courses

It might sound like an exaggeration to say that our leadership courses are life-changing. But we have decades of proof that it’s true. 

From our famed Key Principles that build emotional intelligence to driving change and leading virtually, our courses are designed for high impact at every level. We have heard from many leaders over the years that our courses have not only transformed their lives at work, but at home. Based on deep science and research, our courses are designed to change leaders—and your business—for the better. 

Plus, our courses can be delivered in a virtual classroom, in-person, or online and on-demand.

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Subscriptions Offer the Ultimate Flexibility

Leadership development can't be "one-and-done." Your leaders need to constantly grow. And their needs change over time.

That's why we created a leadership development subscription. DDI's subscriptions offer the simplest and most flexible option to develop your leaders. And the best part? Your leaders continue to grow over time.

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Immerse Your Leaders in Learning

Immersive learning is one of the hottest trends in the learning and development market today. A big reason why? Virtual reality, which is just plain cool. But more importantly, it creates powerful, memorable, and deeply effective learning experiences. 

At DDI, we’re one of the first to create authentic leadership development in virtual reality. But our approach to immersive learning goes so much further than just VR. It’s all about putting people in realistic, demanding scenarios where people can show their skills. Immersive learning truly closes the gap between learning in theory and performing in reality. 

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Blended Learning Journeys Just for Your Leaders

We’ve seen the heated debates about online vs. offline learning since the invention of the internet. Some companies are struggling without the face-to-face moments in an on-site workshop. Others feel that a live virtual classroom or web-based training is a far better use of their leaders’ time. Still others are keen on focusing on providing self-paced, micro doses of learning. 

Our philosophy? It’s all about what’s right for you. Based on your context, we will design a blended learning journey optimized for what you and your leaders need most.  

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Our story is about more than a program. It’s about leadership excellence, and this is part of our journey to get there.

— Nicolette Sherman, Vice President, Human Resources, Global Leadership Development, Sanofi

Make It Personal

We’d like to think that every leader is as passionate about learning as we are. But leaders are busy. And when we ask them to spend time learning, we need to have a ready answer to the question, “What’s in it for me?’ 

That’s where personalized learning comes in. It’s all about meeting individual needs. We help leaders see their strengths and weaknesses so they know where to focus. We offer them unique tools that cater to different learning styles and preferences. And most of all, we make sure they see how they can apply their new skills on the job right away. 

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Success Depends on Analytics

If leadership development happens, but no one measures it, did it really occur? According to our team of psychologists, the answer is no. Our company was founded on assessment and measurement, so you can imagine that we get pretty passionate about analytics.  

Besides, we know your CEO is going to ask about ROI. Maybe not today. And maybe not tomorrow. But it’s coming. And when it does, we’ll be ready with the numbers to prove your success. 

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