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Your Guide to DDI's Talent Management Solutions

Course Overview

  • Session Opening and The Complete Success ProfileSM: The facilitator and participants review prior experience, the day’s agenda, the importance of the Success ProfileSM analyst role in talent management, the four components of a complete Success ProfileSM, and steps involved in creating a Success ProfileSM.
  • Collecting Success ProfileSM Data:  The group explores and practices various data collection methods. Participants are introduced to, and then skill practice, a number of methods including background review and research, job observation, incumbent interviews, focus groups, and analysis questionnaires. Teams play a card matching game that challenges them to pair appropriate definitions with data collection methods.
  • Building a Tentative Success ProfileSM: Teams practice integrating data and building Success ProfilesSM using information they collected in the previous unit.
  • Confirming the Final Success ProfileSM: Participants learn focus group and questionnaire-based approaches to ensure the tentative profiles are thorough, accurate, and reflect the appropriate requirements of the job.
  • Success ProfileSM Reporting: Participants learn how to document the results and review a template for doing so.
  • Planning a Success ProfileSM Analysis: Participants learn the steps to plan a Success ProfileSM analysis and choose the appropriate method for various talent management scenarios. The facilitator reviews best practices for implementation planning.
  • Success ProfilesSM in Action and Wrap Up: Facilitator reviews additional training and software support available and explains how Success ProfilesSM can be applied in their organization’s talent systems.

Course Details

  • Target Audience: Novice HR Professionals or Job Analysts.
  • Course Length: One day (Classroom).
  • Facilitator Certification: DDI direct-delivery only.
  • Prerequisites: None.
  • Group Size: Up to six people.
  • Prework: Yes. Thirty minutes.

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