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Assessing Talent®:
Operational & Strategic Leader Assessments

Better insights about your leaders

Assessing Talent® is a combination of proven executive assessment tools and methods that deliver unparalleled insights into executives’ capabilities and readiness for critical business priorities. DDI’s executive assessments combine robust, day-in-the-life simulation experiences with personality and interview assessments to yield critical talent insights.

This executive assessment platform will help your organization:

  • Ensure you have the needed quantity and quality of data on your leadership candidates to make more confident, higher quality talent decisions.
  • Examine leadership readiness—at the individual and group levels—to effectively execute business strategy.
  • Identify critical leadership strengths and capability gaps to inventory talent against business priorities.
  • Create more targeted and efficient development programs to accelerate leaders faster.

Assessing Talent helps you assess your mid-level and senior leaders with:

  • Consistent quality of assessment delivery and leader measurement across the globe.
  • Partial- and full-day simulations designed for operational or strategic leadership, plus interviews, personality inventories, and other measures of leadership effectiveness.
  • Individual feedback via rich insights reports and a feedback dialogue with an experienced executive coach.
  • Strategic talent review consultation with senior stakeholders, enabling rapid development and deployment.

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