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Leadership Competencies

Nothing Matters Except What You Do on the Job

Being a successful leader is about more than how smart you are or what skills you have. It’s about what you do on the job and how you treat people. And that’s what leadership competencies are for.  

At DDI, we help you hire, promote, and develop leaders based on real on-the-job competencies. We do competencies differently. How? Our competencies are built on key actions so you know exactly what it means to see success. 

And that makes the difference between thinking someone has leadership skills and seeing them lead effectively. 

Set the Foundation for Success 

Every job should have a Success ProfileSM that gives a holistic picture of what success looks like. Because it’s about more than what you know or what skills you have. Above all, success in any job is based on how people behave every day. 

We work with you to turn robust leadership competencies into complete Success Profiles. So you’ll know what success looks like in every job.

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Focus Development on Competencies

Your leaders are busy so they need to know exactly where to focus their development efforts. That’s where action-driven competencies come in. 

DDI leadership development programs are built on competencies. That way, your leaders can make sure every development activity is focused on building key competencies. It’s time well spent. And then they also know exactly how development translates to their day-to-day work. 

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Get Data on Leadership Competencies

How do you really know if leaders show competencies on the job? With DDI leadership assessments, it’s easy to find out. Our assessments are built around leadership competencies.  

Whether you’re looking for 360-degree feedback or a full role immersion, we help you find key behaviors. The result? You’ll have all the data you need to make the best decisions about leadership development and promotion.  

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Conduct Better Interviews

You know it’s easy for interviews to go off the rails. Likewise, you’ve probably dealt with the consequences of hiring the wrong fit.  

DDI’s behavioral interviewing system helps you focus on what matters: competencies for the job. You’ll get real data about how a person will act in the role before you extend an offer. 

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