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Interaction Management®

The most proven leadership development system

Competition and complexity have made frontline leaders’ jobs more challenging than ever before: they face increasing pressure to deliver results, reduce costs, innovate, and motivate a diverse workforce. Accomplishing these objectives means today’s frontline leaders need a complex combination of skills, knowledge and experience.

Can you see signifiicant improvements as a result of your leadership development efforts? Imagine if you could see:

  • Increased communication among employees by 46%
  • Increased employee morale by 42%
  • Increased employee productivity by 38%
  • Increased quality of work by 44%
  • Increased customer satisfaction by 42% 

Our research results prove that Interaction Management® can deliver significantly higher performance from leaders and their work groups.

Develop exceptional leaders

Transform your frontline into exceptional catalyst leaders with Interaction Management, an award-winning and comprehensive competency-based leadership development system. Interaction Management builds essential leadership and interpersonal skills that increase emotional intelligence. The system has been used by leading organizations to develop more than 10 million exceptional leaders and individual contributors worldwide.

With Interaction Management, you have everything you need to design the best leadership development program:

Interaction Management - Design Solution

All the content and tools you need

Built to be customized

Your organization and your learners have unique needs. Interaction Management is built to address them with custom solutions developed for you.

Transform leaders—in and out of the workplace

Interaction Management can transform managers into the exceptional leaders your organization needs them to be—and exceptional people, even outside of the workplace!

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