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Leadership Potential Inventory

DDI helps you confidently identify your future leaders

The Leadership Potential Inventory (LPI) is an online tool that measures current leadership performance and future leadership potential.

When used with our Identifying Leadership Potential process, the LPI helps you accurately identify those leaders with the potential to grow into increasingly complex leadership roles—the leaders who represent the best possible ROI for your development investments.

The LPI will help your organization:

  • Accurately identify those most likely to make the most of development experiences and opportunities.
  • Maximize return on investment for leadership development.
  • Provide an objective and fair process that is viewed favorably by candidates, and which promotes engagement and loyalty.
  • Show your middle managers and senior leaders how to scout for those with leadership potential.  

How the Leadership Potential Inventory helps you measure leadership performance and potential:

  • The inventory is based on DDI’s Identifying Potential Factors, research-based variables that have been shown to predict an individual’s ability to rapidly develop for placement into increasingly complex leadership roles.
  • The inventory efficiently collects manager ratings and behavioral examples related to both current performance and future leadership potential.
  • Raters are able to rate multiple candidates simultaneously, optimizing efficiency and allowing them to compare candidates. Online delivery provides for global consistency and flexibility.

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