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Targeted Selection® Program Management

Training courses for Targeted Selection program managers

These companion courses to DDI’s Targeted Selection® behavioral interviewing system hone the execution skills of the people managing your implementation—critical when you want to select the right candidates for your business.

Targeted Selection®: Program Manager

Targeted Selection: Program Manager introduces program managers to planning and design tools, implementation and tracking techniques, and best practices for a successful launch and sustained optimal usage of the Targeted Selection system.

Targeted Selection®: Access®

This course introduces learners to Targeted Selection: Access, the online, automated companion to Targeted Selection. Targeted Selection: Access streamlines the interviewing process, saving recruiters and hiring managers time and effort while reducing costs. Available for both classroom and online delivery, this course overviews the system's capabilities and also provides a hands-on opportunity to experience its functionality.

Backed by DDI's Full Service Technology Support

Your candidates, participants and administrators now have full access to DDI's new technology support portal, Service Ready, where they can solve, troubleshoot or submit their own support requests.

Targeted Selection®: Audit

Targeted Selection: Audit is a fast, effective way to evaluate your current Targeted Selection system and ensure that each step is contributing to a positive result. This audit helps you avoid legal risk by validating selection criteria and identifying problems before they impede your hiring success.

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