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Excel in Virtual Leadership

Help Leaders Excel in the Virtual Workplace

Has your company shifted to working from home? Or are you struggling to connect people across multiple locations?

Leading a remote workforce can be a challenge for leaders. It’s tough to keep people engaged. They may struggle to keep a pulse on how their team is feeling. And the leaders may be struggling without face-to-face interactions.

DDI has your leaders covered. We’re experts in delivering leadership development virtually. And we can help you build special programs that give them the right skills to support their teams in a virtual workplace.


of learning professionals say they’re shifting to virtual leadership programs

DDI Data, 2020

Make the Switch to Virtual Classroom

Great leadership depends on human connection. That’s why it’s so important that leaders learn together. And it’s why the traditional classroom format has always been king for leadership development.

But you don’t have to give that up when your workforce goes virtual. Virtual classrooms are so much more than webinars or online training. They’re an engaging virtual environment where leaders connect and discuss live. And they offer incredible flexibility to bring people together wherever and whenever works best.

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Give Leaders Skills for Today's New Reality

Virtual leadership can be difficult, especially for people who are used to a traditional office. Leaders and their teams may struggle to work remotely. It may be hard to connect with one another, to build inclusion. It's tough to maintain morale.

To help, we’ve created sample learning journeys designed to help managers lead from wherever they. We can help your leaders build the skills they’ll need to boost team engagement, or create an inclusive environment. And we’ll help them learn to coach their teams to not only survive, but thrive in the new virtual workplace. And of course, these learning journeys can be delivered virtually.

View sample: Lead Virtual Teams

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We’re By Your Side as You Pivot to Virtual

Making the switch to a fully virtual leadership development program can be tricky. You need the right content and tech systems in place. You need a plan to roll it out. And you need to make sure your leaders and stakeholders are on board.

Don’t worry. Our leadership consultants have done this—a lot. And we can help you make the transition quickly and smoothly. We’re ready to walk with you on this (virtual) journey.

Lean on our experts

DDI was the only one of 20 providers that had all classroom courses proven ready to transition virtually. 

— A multinational client with a global corporate university

Engage Leaders on a Virtual Platform

Leaders may need some extra support as they make the switch to a virtual workplace. On DDI’s Pinpoint platform, your leaders get powerful tools to help them build and practice their skills and plan tough conversations.

Even better? Pinpoint is the perfect place for microlearning. With targeted short courses on topics like leading virtual and avoiding team burnout, your leaders can get a quick burst of learning as they need it.

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From my point of view, I would say that this program was nearly perfect, as it addressed all of our goals we had set initially for our talent.

— Global HR Manager

Ready to start building virtual leadership skills?