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Training & Facilitation Options

Resources to deliver learning and development

Whether your in-house trainers or our facilitators deliver DDI courses in a traditional or virtual classroom, we will take the necessary steps to ensure successful delivery of your training program. But that’s just the beginning. While successful execution is important, the quality and capability of those delivering your courses is key to making development a transformational experience.

Do you need to train your trainers and build internal champions?

Our Facilitator Certification Process workshop is designed to develop the skills your trainers need to facilitate Interaction Management® courses effectively. More importantly, your trainers become internal coaches and champions to drive application and sustainability among learners. Following successful completion of the workshop, trainers are awarded certification and join a global community of DDI-certified facilitators.

Our Facilitator Qualification Process helps experienced facilitators take their skills to the next level to work with senior and mid-level leaders and deliver Business Impact Leadership® programs.

You also need effective trainers to help hiring managers and others involved in your selection process develop the skills they need to improve the accuracy of hiring decisions. Targeted Selection® Trainer is a three-day certification workshop to help your trainers develop the skills they need to effectively facilitate Targeted Selection®. The Targeted Selection®: Program Manager workshop builds a solid implementation plan that includes communication, measurement, and accountabilities.

Need to train and develop others in a virtual classroom?

Virtual Classroom is a new “must have” for blended learning and to reach learners worldwide without the time and expense of travel. DDI’s half-day Virtual Classroom Facilitator Booster Session will help your facilitators transfer the skills they learned in DDI’s Facilitation Skills Workshop to the virtual classroom arena; taking into consideration the unique learning needs and technology challenges of a virtual setting.

Do you want DDI consultants to deliver the training for you?

If you don’t have available trainers, we’ve got your back. DDI has hand-picked the best of the best in the training world to form a global legion of expert facilitators. With years of delivery experience and talent management expertise, our facilitators are primed and ready to deliver courses to your learners at our training facility or yours. Contact the DDI office closest to you.

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