High-Quality DEI Programs Drive Greater Representation

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Quality DEI Programs Connected to Higher Representation of Women and Minorities

Even though most companies have established DEI as a core value, top company leaders may still question whether DEI programs truly move the needle. There can be any number of internal and external factors that affect diversity metrics, however, our research shows that high-quality programs integrate DEI as part of their leadership strategy, prioritizing diverse recruitment and a culture of inclusion across the organization. And this makes a significant difference in driving diversity across the board.

High-quality DEI programs make a significant difference in driving diversity across the board.

In organizations where HR reported that they have a high-quality DEI program, there was a significantly higher percentage of women leaders at every level. The impact on minorities is even greater, as companies with high-quality DEI programs have nearly double the percentage of leaders from minority racial and ethnic backgrounds. Furthermore, these companies have nearly triple the rate of minority leaders in their high-potential programs.

Leaders within companies with strong DEI programs also recognize the impact that these programs have, both on company culture and the strength of the leadership pipeline. Specifically, leaders at companies with strong DEI programs were:

  • 1.9X more likely to say that leaders represent diverse demographic backgrounds.
  • 1.8X more likely to say that inclusion of different perspectives is a strong component of their culture and values.
  • 1.7X more likely to say their organization recruits and promotes from a diverse candidate pool.
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