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Talent Ready for Business

Deeper insights. Proven solutions. Better results.

Who We Are. Development Dimensions International, or DDI, is one of the top talent management consultancies. Forty-five years ago, we pioneered the field; today we remain its chief innovator.

What We Do. We help companies transform the way they hire, promote and develop their leaders and workforce. The outcome? People ready to instigate, understand and execute business strategy, and address challenges head-on.

How We Do It. If you have ever had a leader you revered or marveled at how quickly a new hire came up to speed, you might very well be experiencing DDI at work. Often, we are behind the scenes, creating custom training or assessment that clients can roll out on their own. Other times, we are more visible, helping clients drive big changes in their organization. Always, we use the latest methods, based on science and the test of time.

Who We Do It With. Our clients are some of the most successful companies on earth. They're Fortune 500s and multinationals, doing business across a vast array of industries, from Shanghai to San Francisco and everywhere in between. We serve clients from 42 DDI-owned or closely-affiliated offices.

Why We Do It.  The principles and skills we teach don’t just make people better employees, they are at the heart of what makes for happier and more fulfilled human beings—better family members, better neighbors, better friends.

Ways We're Different: Why It Matters to You

We can help you go global without growing pains.

It takes a special talent to take a talent initiative global. Beyond spot-on content and a solid approach, it all comes down to execution. That’s where DDI excels. Where? Anywhere you are, whether it’s a major initiative in a single geography or a synchronized rollout across many nations.

Complexity? We thrive on it. Daunting scale and scope? Bring it on. Diverse hires and learners? We speak the language and know the culture. Chances are, it’s our language and culture, too. From offices in 26 countries, we can deploy DDI-trained trainers and assessors pretty much anywhere in the world.

We appreciate the importance of both adaptability and consistency in going global. Adaptability in HOW we deliver, to meet your workplace needs and your budget. Consistency in WHAT we deliver, so that coast to coast, ocean across ocean, your people are uniformly assessed, advanced, motivated, and skilled.

So far, we’ve done rousingly successful implementations in 91 different countries. Where can we help you?

At every level, we make sure your people are ready to step up the ladder of success.

Good news: you’re promoting someone. Bad news: that person isn’t quite ready to step into the leader’s shoes.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a universal understanding of what it takes to be a leader within your organization? A set of competencies that link directly to your business goals—to drive behaviors by which your workforce can be assessed, developed, and managed? A common language and unifying approach for creating confident, capable leaders at every level, from individual performers to senior executives?

Now imagine the power of the purposeful integration of assessment, development, and management to keep your talent pipeline flowing. That’s what DDI can do for you. Raise the ladder.

We have scientific proof our stuff works in the real world.

Can selection tools actually predict job performance? Can leadership development tools be proven to change people’s behavior? Does any of it affect business performance? DDI has been asking and answering those questions in the affirmative for nearly 45 years. And so have our clients.

Safe to say we’ve spent millions of hours with thousands of clients, testing, validating, and perfecting our programs. We are determined to scientifically determine what works and what doesn’t in the areas of talent acquisition, leadership development, and succession management.

Our clients appreciate our obsession, because it results in better hiring and promotion decisions and a more highly skilled workforce. We’ve proven it works for them, now put our scientific methods to work for your organization.

We help drive business performance with Talent Management Analytics.

Can you predict who’s the best candidate to open operations in a new region? Do you know how to better engage new hires? Can you identify the gaps in your talent pipeline that might spring a leak and rain on your future plans? Having good talent intelligence means truly understanding the skills, expertise, and qualities of your workforce. It’s essential in making people decisions—which are business decisions, too.

DDI can help. We start by finding out which talent issues are most important to you. We develop a framework and tools to gather critical data over time. Our proprietary Talent Management Analytics process doesn’t just track data around your talent; it measures your talent directly. Then we turn that information into useful, actionable insights.

You’ll clearly understand what changes you need to make today, to make data-driven talent decisions tomorrow.

We help transform workplaces. And lives.

DDI’s programs are proven to change workplace behavior. Our clients tell us the transformation goes far beyond that. The basic principles and skills we convey don’t just make people better employees, they are at the heart of what makes for happier and more fulfilled human beings—better family members, better neighbors, better friends.

Our principles and skills also help people better manage change, too—in the workplace and in their lives. And when people build skills and embrace change, they can go on to change the world.

Read about the human impact of DDI’s programs in our book, SPARK! How the Science Behind DDI Transforms Lives In and Out of the Workplace. And learn more about U-SPARK!, our corporate citizenship initiative that focuses on building skills in local communities. Through U-SPARK, we provide free training materials to facilitators who have been certified in our programs, to help them make a difference in their hometowns.

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