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Leaders Ready for Business

At every level. Research based. Results driven. Worldwide.

Only 2 in 10 companies today have the leaders to meet tomorrow’s business challenges. The good news? When they do, they are 3 times more likely to destroy the competition.

The reality is today’s leaders face an around the clock bombardment of ever-changing demands. The smallest of leadership actions, good or bad, can ripple through today’s workforce in milliseconds. When your leaders lack passion, when they fail to drive results, when they suck the energy out of people, the game’s OVER.

What if you could;

And that’s where DDI comes in. Obsessed with the science of leadership. Four decades of experience. Across thousands of organizations. One million better leaders. Across 93 countries.

Singularity of Purpose: Better Leaders

If you’re like most HR professionals, you are considering or using outside expertise. And, no doubt, you face a barrage of new ideas, concepts, models, best practices, and leadership books, all promising results! Making the right choice is no easy feat!

And, that’s just where it might be worth taking a closer look at DDI. Might? Because working with DDI is not for everyone. We asked some of our most successful clients what really mattered to them when they made their decision to work with us. And, here is their advice to you.

Numbers that CountConsider DDI if you are seeking a partner whose:

  • Singular mission is building better leadership capability. Period. We are not a headhunter. Not a software company. Not a compensation and benefits shop. We are not a lot of things. We do one thing well—identifying and growing leaders.
  • Mission is not to meet quarterly financial targets by announcing new deals. It is not about acquiring other companies and force fitting them together. All are distractions! Our main major focus is to meet your needs with one core set of leadership solutions designed around your needs, not Wall Street’s.
  • Obligation is to provide the type of partnership that produces a sustainable change in the quality of your leaders and their impact on business performance. We are one part scientists, one part experienced consultants. Our best clients demand measurable outcomes, and care equally about quality of the solutions they choose and the expertise of DDI associates charged with implementation.

Research + Experience = Insight

Sifting through ideas that can really help your organization identify and grow leaders has never been harder—or riskier. When you’re ready to focus on ideas that are tested and proven, talk to DDI. We’ve been around the block; helping your people just like you sleep at night.

We are constantly experimenting. Constantly conducting research. Constantly challenging our ourselves to create better solutions and keener insights into what really works. No DDI product leaves our lab unless science says it is ready.

Out in the field, we’ve developed more than one million better leaders—at every level, in every industry, all over the planet. And helped our clients make thousands of better selection and promotion decisions each year. All with a singular end-goal: better leaders, improved business performance, faster.

So what does all this mean for you? You get the right prescription for the right solution. One that addresses your challenges, aligns with your strategy, and delivers the proven outcomes you expect. When you choose to work with DDI, you won’t waste a post-purchase second wondering if you made the right decision.

Building Leaders at Every Level

Leadership PipelineWhen you pay attention to every level of leadership, versus just one or two, you gain the ability to fill critical leadership positions faster and enjoy higher financial performance. Your greatest lever to build organization-wide capability is to know who to promote and how to accelerate their growth.

Only DDI can provide you with a full range of assessment and development solutions for every level of leadership, from C-Suite execution to frontline leaders. And, only DDI has developed these solutions alongside our clients—not by acquiring bits and pieces of other companies and cobbling them together.

What’s the payoff for you? You’ll ensure a flow of ready-now leaders prepared to jump from one role to the next, while fostering a common leadership culture.

Going Global: Getting the Balance Right

Leading in one country is challenging. Inspiring teams that are located around the world is a different game all together. DDI has spent years determining the exact DNA of successful global leaders across ever-changing business challenges. And, we have built the solutions to ensure your global leaders have what it takes!

WorldwideLocally translated solutions? We got it. On the ground resources in 26 countries? Got that, too. But what really sets DDI apart is the ability to provide you with the experience, insight and support to execute global leadership initiatives, while simultaneously balancing the need to reflect each local culture.

The impact? Exceptional global leaders that ensure every single team is on board and rowing in the same direction, whether they are in Singapore, Shanghai, or San Francisco.

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