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Prepare Leaders for Business Challenges

Skills to meet strategic and cultural priorities

480 Days to Reach Your Goals

At the beginning of a two-year business outlook, leaders are typically optimistic about achieving strategic and cultural goals. However, as the weeks turn into quarters, many organizations find themselves falling short on critical metrics.

One of the key reasons that organizations fail to reach their goals is that leaders may lack the specific skills needed to meet those priorities. Whether the goal is to create a more inclusive environment or to drive change, success depends on daily progress toward key metrics. Across the two-year horizon, there are only about 480 work days to achieve those goals, and leaders need to think about how their actions each day contribute toward reaching their objectives.

“Lean transformation is essentially about changing leadership. It’s a deep, cultural rewiring, and leaders have to be at the center of that.”

—Mary Beth Morrison, Munson Healthcare

DDI’s Challenge 480 Programs

DDI offers customized development packages that help your leaders meet your key business issues in the 480 days ahead. Explore DDI’s approaches to many of the most common quandaries our clients face, as well as bespoke learning journeys designed for your unique needs.

Drive Organizational Change

As change has become constant in the workplace, a high percentage of organizations are working to drive transformation. But changing old habits is hard, and leaders need to be prepared to help their teams adjust and embrace new approaches. This program includes:

  • Course: Communication: Connect Through Conversations
  • Course: Driving Change
  • Course: Executing Strategy at the Front Line
  • Course: Strategies for Influencing Others
  • Microcourse: Overcoming Resistance to Change
  • Microcourse: Handling Emotion and Upset
  • Microcourse: Making Accelerated Decisions
  • Reinforcement activities, self-insight tools, simulations, and more on DDI’s Pinpoint Platform

Create a Coaching Culture

Coaching is one of the most effective approaches to upgrade employees' skills and elevate individual performance, particularly during periods of rapid change. DDI's Challenge 480 program to create an effective coaching culture includes:

  • DDI’s Core 480 leadership program
  • Course: High-Impact Feedback and Listening
  • Course: Addressing Poor Performance
  • Microcourse: Handling Common Coaching Challenges
  • Microcourse: Unleashing Employee Initiative
  • Microcourse: Sparking Accountability and Action
  • Reinforcement activities, self-insight tools, simulations, and more on DDI’s Pinpoint Platform

Embrace Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is a hot-button issue at many organizations, particularly because a diverse and inclusive environment is proven to drive higher profitability and greater innovation. But too often, companies set goals for diversity without equipping leaders with the skills to address underlying issues. This program includes:

  • Course: Communication: Connect Through Conversations
  • Course: Creating an Inclusive Environment
  • Course: Building and Sustaining Trust
  • Course: Delegating with Purpose
  • Microcourse: Unconscious Bias
  • Microcourse: Leveraging Diversity
  • Microcourse: Closing the Confidence Gap
  • Reinforcement activities, self-insight tools, simulations, and more on DDI’s Pinpoint Platform

Build a High-Performance Culture

Driving company growth and profitability depends on every employee performing at their peak levels. And when you have a culture of outstanding performance, it’s easier to attract and retain top talent and improve morale. Included in this program:

  • DDI’s Core 480 leadership program
  • Course: Delegating with Purpose
  • Course: Maximizing Team Performance
  • Microcourse: Unleashing Employee Initiative
  • Microcourse: Helping Your Team Achieve High Performance
  • Microcourse: SMART Goals
  • Reinforcement activities, self-insight tools, simulations, and more on DDI’s Pinpoint Platform

Design a Custom Challenge 480 Program

DDI’s Challenge 480 programs can be designed to address the unique challenges of your business. We will help you identify your business drivers and create Success Profiles that define the skills and attributes your leaders need to progress your strategic business and cultural priorities. Based on your defined needs, our experts draw on our library of powerful leadership courses, microcourses, and online learning tools to create a custom learning journey for your leaders.

Enhance your Challenge 480 program

To maximize the full benefits of the Challenge 480 programs, consider the following:

  • Select best-fit managers: DDI’s Manager Ready® frontline management assessment offers configurable options to test for specific skills to meet your business goals.
  • Personalize the learning experience with 360-degree feedback: Leaders have a more powerful learning experience when they understand not only themselves, but how others see them. DDI’s Leadership Mirror® is the market’s most flexible web-based multi-rater feedback system, and provides leaders with easy-to-interpret reports about where they should focus their development.
  • Equip leaders with behavioral interviewing skills: Help leaders hire the most qualified candidates for their teams with behavioral interviewing. Targeted Selection® is the most accurate, widely-used behavioral interviewing system in the world, designed to reduce unconscious bias and improve precision in hiring the best-fit candidate for the job
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