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Behavioral Interviewing

Conduct Better Interviews. Hire Better People.

Interviews are a wild card in the hiring process. Nearly every business uses them, but very few get it right.

Behavioral interviewing is the world’s most widely used interviewing approach. But did you know that DDI invented the first behavior-based interviewing system? Our Targeted Selection® system goes far beyond just what to do in the interview. It’s an entire system for fair, accurate candidate evaluation.

The result? Less bias. More accurate data. Higher acceptance rates. Lower turnover. And getting the right people to take your business forward.

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What Difference Does Interviewing Make?


of employee turnover comes from bad hiring decisions


The financial cost of a bad hire can exceed twice the salary of the position


Organizations that use DDI’s Targeted Selection® consistently have reduced turnover by up to 50%

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Master the Art and Science of Interviewing

Most people know behavioral interviewing as those questions that start as “Tell me about a time when…” But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Helping your managers become great interviewers means they have to learn the art and science of interviewing. 

With Targeted Selection courses and microcourses, we help your managers master the art of building rapport with candidates, and learning to collect the right data. We also help them practice discipline and science around evaluating candidates. This scientific approach helps to eliminate bias, and ensure the company isn’t accidentally overlooking top talent – or critical flaws.  

And yes, the same skills apply for virtual interviews.

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It only takes 15-20 seconds of conversation for managers to make judgments about a person’s social status

Yale University researchers, “Evidence for the Reproduction of Social Class in Brief Speech,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, November 2019

Keep Bias in Check

Interviews often boil down to whether a boss likes the candidate. That leaves a lot of room for bias. And managers often end up choosing people like themselves.

With Targeted Selection, we teach your leaders how to recognize bias. More importantly, we help you create a structure and process that works to reduce bias. That way, you can make sure you’re making sound decisions about who you hire.

But interviews are just the start. You also need an inclusive environment to make sure diverse candidates feel welcome.

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Targeted Selection provided the framework and the methodology for consistency across the organization…It’s been a total transformation.

— Cory Kreeck, Vice President, Organizational Development, Beachbody

Focus on Skills

Ever had an interview go off the rails? It happens often. The interviewer focuses too much on where someone went to school. Or they might spend the whole time talking about a shared hobby. In reality, it becomes more about whether the manager feels like the person will “fit in” than their skills.

Behavioral interviewing will bring structure and consistency to your interviews. Your managers will be able to focus the conversation on skills and behavior to get a clear picture of how the person will actually perform on the job. As our research has proven over and over again: “Past behavior predicts future behavior.”

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Define Success

Before the interview even begins, you need to make sure you know what you’re looking for. That’s why we designed our Targeted Selection system to work with Success Profiles®.

Success Profiles® help you create clear requirements for the job. For every role, we’ll help you define the knowledge, experience, skills and personality traits that will enable success.

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Choose Your Training Type

It’s up to you how you want to train your managers. Bring your people together for a traditional classroom experience, or make that classroom experience fully virtual. To get individuals trained quickly, we also offer online options.

We can also empower your own team. We can certify your internal people to become top-notch trainers. With certification, it’s even easier to make behavioral interviewing part of your company culture.

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Leaders have enough on their plate already, so we’re giving them the tools to make their lives a little bit easier, and Targeted Selection® really does that for us.

— Jennifer Smith, Trainer of Virtual Programs at TKC Holdings Inc.

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