Organizational Culture

Consistent Leaders Drive Organizational Culture

Your strategy determines what gets done at your organization. But your organizational culture determines how it gets done. How fast, how well, how profitably—and yes, how innovatively.

Building a culture that enables people to do their best work requires leaders who model consistent values and behaviors each day. That’s why HR’s role in shaping one common leadership language throughout the organization is so pivotal.

We’re here to work alongside you at every level—from your top executives to your frontline leaders—to create a culture that attracts and retains top talent and enables leaders to thrive in pursuit of better business results.


Better Culture, Better Business.

Research shows that organizations that prioritize culture achieve better business results—and they are relying on leaders to help them do it.


higher revenue

Companies that prioritize their culture see up to 33% higher revenue

"Culture Wins by Getting the Most Out of People"


of job seekers prioritize culture

 56% of employees prioritize company culture over salary when considering a job offer

Glassdoor Mission and Culture Survey


more likely to be a best place to work

Companies that implement best practices to develop their leaders are 3.4X more likely to be rated a best place to work

DDI Global Leadership Forecast 2023


organizational-health score

Organizations with managers across business units who behave similarly have almost twice the organizational-health score of those with low manager cohesion.

McKinsey, Investing in Middle Managers Pays Off—Literally

Drive Behavior Change

Create One Leadership Language

Many people's approach to leadership is based on what they've seen modeled by their own leaders. Some have had leadership training, but formal training is often fragmented. In workplace cultures that are highly siloed—especially those that have gone through mergers or acquisitions—very few leaders have the same view of what great leadership looks like.

The first step to creating a strong leadership culture is building consistency with one common leadership language. We help clients reach leaders quickly with consistent leadership models tailored to each level. This helps leaders learn and reinforce core behaviors as they apply new skills. The result? Every leader knows the expectations of strong leaders in your organization. They also know key behaviors to hold themselves—and peers—accountable.

Drive Business Strategy Through Leadership Culture

Your leadership culture determines how work gets done. That’s why we make it easy to define a leadership culture that’s directly linked to key business priorities. Our proprietary Business Drivers help you create a strategic competency framework to develop the leadership behaviors that are most critical to enabling your business strategy.

We also use our unique competencies to hone in on specific behaviors—or “key actions”—that clearly show your leaders what they need to improve. This approach helps you demonstrate real, measurable impact between your leadership program and your business results.

We say that culture change takes five to seven years, so it's a longer journey, but what we are seeing is that we have staff and leaders who are starting to have really good conversations […] when a staff member is having a challenging situation, they now both have the exact same language to be able to use to say, ‘Well, let's grab a discussion planner and let's go through it together.’

woman smiling about organizational culture transformation

Sample Learning Journey

Imagine an Organizational Culture Transformation

Every organizational culture is unique and tied closely to your business strategy. Download a sample to see how DDI works with companies to build programs that span multiple leadership levels to create a unified culture. Note that this is just a sample—we can work together to design your own journey.

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Elevate Organizational Culture with a Subscription

Superior workplace culture requires consistent behaviors across your entire organization and at every level of leadership. Every leader needs to build a strong foundation to support your culture so they can apply consistent models as they tackle new organizational challenges. DDI’s Leadership Development Subscriptions are designed to grow with your leaders, supporting them through changing environments. 

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