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Develop Core Leadership Skills

Essential skills every leader needs

480 Minutes that Count

Every work day, leaders have 8 hours to make a difference. But as leaders, it’s often what they do in the minutes that counts.

To make the most of those everyday interactions, every leader needs a set of core skills that help them engage their teams for higher performance and greater efficiency.

“Everybody is just so rushed in their day-to-day, flying around from one thing to another. They just really appreciate the time to sit down and think through a difficult situation and practice it with another person.”

—Allison King, BC Hydro

DDI’s Core 480SM Program

Based on five decades of experience in the science and practice of leadership, DDI developed its Core 480 program to build the essential skills that every leader needs to be successful in their everyday interactions. This program offers experiential learning courses that creates a personalized experience for every individual. Centered on foundational courses in coaching and communication, leaders will learn to:

  • Build emotional intelligence
  • Practice active and authentic listening
  • Have purposeful conversations
  • Adopt a growth mindset
  • Apply a practical coaching model for successful coaching discussions

Ready to build essential skills every leader needs?

Demo the Program

"The construction industry is known for having a short temperament. We want to give you what we want done, we’re going to give it to you right away, and it’s got to happen. But now that’s not necessarily the best approach, especially with some of the younger generation. They want to know the 'whys' and the 'hows.'"

—Andy Rodabaugh

Enhance your Core 480 program

To get the most from the Core 480 program, consider the following:

  • Use objective data to select managers: Companies significantly improve leadership success by using objective data to hire and promote managers who demonstrate key leadership skills. With DDI’s Manager Ready® frontline management assessment, you can observe your would-be leaders in real-world situations to evaluate their preparedness and diagnose existing skill gaps before they advance to the front lines.
  • Personalize the learning experience with 360-degree feedback: Leaders have a more powerful learning experience when they understand not only themselves, but how others see them. DDI’s Leadership Mirror® is the market’s most flexible web-based multi-rater feedback system, and provides leaders with easy-to-interpret reports about where they should focus their development.
  • Equip leaders with behavioral interviewing skills: Help leaders hire the most qualified candidates for their teams with behavioral interviewing. Targeted Selection® is the most accurate, widely-used behavioral interviewing system in the world, designed to reduce unconscious bias and improve precision in hiring the best-fit candidate for the job.
Talk to an Expert: 480 Minutes - Core
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