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Create High-Impact Leadership Careers

Identify and accelerate leaders at every level

480 months to create high-impact careers

Across the span of every leader’s career, there are moments of significant transformation, whether it’s the first time they are identified as a potential leader, the move to mid-level leadership, or even the C-suite. These moments of major transition are precarious and carry a high rate of failure, often because the change is abrupt and leaders feel unprepared. Furthermore, leaders report that they get little support in those transitions, and feel left on their own to figure it out.

At DDI, we think about leadership careers as 480 months, which is 40 years. We break down long careers into months to help organizations think more strategically about the quality of leaders they have at every level, and how they are supporting them in the critical months leading up to and following big transitions in their careers. This approach is designed to give leaders the strongest chance for success in new roles and build a powerful pipeline of future leaders in the organization

DDI’s Career 480SM approach

DDI’s Career 480 is a mindful approach to building a strong pipeline of leaders at every level. We base our approach on two fundamental pillars:

  • Hire and promote with insight: The most important question of any leadership transition is whether the person is right for the role. Objective assessments at every level help you to make unbiased decisions about who is ready right now for a promotion, who has the potential for future roles, and the specific areas to focus on in development.
  • Develop with purpose: Once the right people have been identified, it’s important to help them develop for the specific challenges of the role ahead, whether it’s becoming a first-time manager, shifting into a mid-level role, or entering C-suite. This development should be done with purpose over a period of months both leading up to and following the transition.

“You can’t buy that kind of excitement and energy. We were able to provide all of our employees with tools to manage their careers at AGCO. I don’t see how you can beat that in terms of return on investment.”

—Lauri Lipka, AGCO

Spot early potential

Developing the next generation of leaders is critical for ensuring your organizations future success.

  • Identify: DDI’s Early Identifier is an online assessment that predicts growth based on a person’s foundational traits, motivations, and initial skills. Those predictions can be used for more targeted development and guide you towards better succession, promotion, development, and business strategy decisions.
  • Develop: DDI’s Interaction Management® has trained more than 10 million leaders worldwide. With courses designed for both individual contributors and first-time leaders, you can tailor development journeys to meet the specific needs of your emerging leaders.

Build effective managers at the frontline

Frontline managers directly supervise about 80 percent of the workforce, forming the backbone of your organization.

  • Identify: With DDI’s Manager Ready® frontline management assessment, you can observe your would-be leaders in real-world situations to evaluate their preparedness and diagnose existing skill gaps before they advance to the front lines. Manager Ready also allows you to assess the strengths and development needs of your current frontline leaders.
  • Develop: Every manager needs to develop a set of core skills that will enable them to succeed. DDI’s Leadership Core 480 program equips leaders with essential leadership skills. With foundational skills set, DDI’s Leadership Challenge 480 programs help your frontline leaders execute your organization’s strategic and cultural priorities.

Create a powerful engine of mid-level leaders

Mid-level leaders are the people who make it all happen. They're the ones who turn your organization’s goals into reality.

  • Identify: Leader3 Ready® is an engaging virtual leadership assessment that gives a realistic preview of mid-level and emerging executive roles. Easily customized to your organization’s strategic business goals, desired competencies, and assessment length, Leader3 Ready delivers highly personalized data to drive superior selection and development decisions.
  • Develop: Elevate your mid-level leaders to the top of their game with DDI’s Business Impact Leadership, which is designed to capture the complex world of leading other leaders. Business Impact Leadership offers courses designed for the challenges of mid-level leaders and senior-level leaders.

Build a visionary executive suite

Getting it right at the executive level is a game of high risk and high reward.

  • Identify: DDI’s C-suite assessments offer an unparalleled simulation to help you gain objectivity and certainty in choosing people for your highest-risk positions.
  • Develop: With decades of experience working alongside boards of directors, CEOs, and executive teams at the world’s top companies, DDI’s Executive Coaches support executives in finding success in their roles, particularly amid the most challenging transitions or dilemmas.
  • Do more: At the top of the house, organizations also need to be focused on team alignment, succession management, board effectiveness, and other related matters. Explore our full suite of executive services.

Accelerate high-potential leaders

High-potential programs aren’t just about focusing on the best and brightest rising stars. Our approach moves beyond high-potential strategies by taking a holistic view of potential that goes far beyond simply identifying leadership potential among individuals. Instead, we aim to surface, activate, and accelerate potential in individuals, within teams, and across the full force of the organization.

Enhance your Career 480 program

To drive higher impact from the Career 480 programs, consider the following:

  • Define success in every role: Setting leaders up for success in every role starts with knowing what success looks like in the role. With DDI’s Success ProfilesSM, we’ve taken competency management to a new level and developed a methodology that provides a detailed, whole-person portrait of what’s required to succeed in a given role or job level.
  • Personalize the learning experience with 360-degree feedback: Leaders have a more powerful learning experience when they understand not only themselves, but how others see them. DDI’s Leadership Mirror® is the market’s most flexible web-based multi-rater feedback system, and provides leaders with easy-to-interpret reports about where they should focus their development.
  • Equip leaders with behavioral interviewing skills: Help leaders hire the most qualified candidates for their teams with behavioral interviewing. Targeted Selection® is the most accurate, widely-used behavioral interviewing system in the world, designed to reduce unconscious bias and improve precision in hiring the best-fit candidate for the job.
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