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Facts about DDI

Explore our DNA and talent innovations

The Numbers

  • Founded by industrial/organizational psychologists William C. Byham, Ph.D., and Douglas W. Bray, Ph.D., as Development Dimensions International in 1970. Read more about DDI's founders.
  • More than 1,100 professionals work at DDI—servicing clients across 93 countries. To lead ongoing research in assessment and development, DDI employs 101 Ph.D. IO Psychologists.
  • Our programs are available in 21 languages, including French, Japanese, Spanish, German, Simplified & Traditional Chinese, and Bahasa Indonesia.
  • Two thirds of our clients are global in nature. Half of our clients are listed on the most recent Fortune 500, many are listed among Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” and on the FTSE 500 as well as the European operations of numerous global organizations.
  • Using Development Dimensions International world-class learning systems, organizations are developing more than 250,000 better leaders each year.
  • More than 3,200 high-quality hiring decisions are made every hour and 20,000,000+ candidates have been successfully screened using Development Dimensions International behavioral interviewing, testing and assessment systems.
  • Major corporations make crucial promotion and placement decisions for more than 3,000 senior executives each year using our assessment process—in Singapore, Beijing, London, Mumbai, New York and hundreds of other locations around the world.
  • More than 20,000 facilitators/instructors have been certified to deliver DDI training.
  • Each week, a DDI test is delivered in 90+ countries.
  • Development Dimensions International has worked with organizations in every industry, including manufacturing, health care, government agencies, energy, financial/insurance, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, technology, consumer goods/services, and telecommunications.
  • DDI has screened 2 million candidates for skilled positions in manufacturing plants.


Staying ahead of change in our industry and markets, Development Dimensions International invests twice the industry average in research and development. Significant Development Dimensions International innovations include:

Assessment and Testing

  • Pioneered use of assessment centers to help companies make more accurate hiring and promotion decisions. Introduced Acceleration Centers® (modern assessment centers), offering executive leadership assessment programs to help companies identify and accelerate the growth of senior leadership talent. Today, we maintain a network of 31 Acceleration Centers® across four continents.
  • Leader3 Ready® is a virtual assessment designed to help identify, select, and develop the right leaders using talent intelligence about mid-level leaders to emerging executives.
  • Manager Ready® is a breakthrough online behavioral assessment for frontline leaders that provides accuracy and depth of insight of an assessment center and guides organizations to insightful selection and development decisions at a fraction of the cost.
  • Assessing Talent: People Leader® is a web-delivered behavior assessment program used to evaluate the potential and readiness of leaders at all levels.
  • Leadership Mirror®is a web-based multirater system.
  • Targeted Feedback®, a new multisource approach designed to accelerate behavior change. By focusing on an individual’s top three strengths and top three growth areas it energizes development. Targeted Feedback® and Leadership Mirror® have been integrated into one robust personal and professional development system.

Leader Selection

  • Developed the first behavior-based selection system that uses interviews, Targeted Selection®, allowing organizations to be more successful in hiring the right people. Added was Targeted Selection: Access®, a powerful candidate selection automation tool that helps managers hiring hundreds or thousands of workers make better decisions faster.
  • Developed the award-winning Success Profiles: Navigator®, a software platform that automates job analysis, enabling you to create a holistic Success ProfileSM for the job families in your organization. A Success ProfileSM incorporates competencies, personal attributes, knowledge, and experience.


  • Business Impact Leadership®: Mid-Level Series is a group of high-impact courses specifically designed to drive strategy execution. Business Impact Leadership®: Senior-Level Series creates learning experiences for executives that link directly to business needs.
  • Introduced the world’s first commercially available leader training program based on behavior modeling—Interaction Management® (IM®). IM® meets the dynamic training needs of today’s complex, fast-paced workplace by integrating the newest technology in leadership development, including mobile support, application tools, manager support, and built-in measurement. More than 10 million trained.
  • Virtual Classroom, a highly engaging, online delivery method for the award-winning IM® content.
  • Microcourses – short bursts of online learning on 70+ skills and topics.
  • Simulations – Virtual skills practice for real-world situations.

Recent Research

Since its founding, DDI’s Center for Analytics and Behavioral Research has conducted research to advance thinking and uncover trends and issues in areas such as hiring, leadership development and innovation. Significant research studies include:

A Selection of the 39 Books Published by Development Dimensions International

  • Leaders Ready Now (Matt Paese, Ph.D., Audrey Smith, Ph.D., and William C. Byham, Ph.D.; 2016)
  • Your First Leadership Job (Tacy Byham, Ph.D. and Richard Wellins, Ph.D; 2015)
  • SPARK! How the Science Behind DDI Transforms Lives In & Out of the Workplace (Nikki Dy-Liacco, Nancy Fox, and Robert W. Rogers; 2012)
  • Leadership Success in China: An Expatriate’s Guide (William C. Byham, Ph.D., Yue-er Luo, Ph.D., and Erik Duerring; 2008)
  • 70 The New 50: Retirement Management: Retaining the Energy and Expertise of Experienced Employees (William C. Byham, Ph.D.; 2007)
  • Realizing the Promise of Performance Management (Robert W. Rogers; 2004)
  • Grow Your Own Leaders—How to Identify, Develop, and Retain Leadership Talent (Matthew Paese, Ph.D., Audrey Smith, Ph.D., and William C. Byham, Ph.D.; 2002)
  • HeroZ®—Empower Yourself, Your Coworkers, Your Company (William C. Byham, Ph.D., and Jeff Cox; 1994)
  • Inside Teams: How 20 World-Class Organizations are Winning Through Teams (Richard S.Wellins, Ph.D., William C. Byham, Ph.D., and George Dixon; 1994)
  • Zapp!® The Lightning of Empowerment. Four million sold. (William C. Byham, Ph.D., with Jeff Cox; 1988)

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