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Transforming Organisations and Their Leaders Since 1976.

We help organisations hire, promote, and develop exceptional leaders here in Australia – and globally. From first-time managers to C-suite executives, our commitment is to be by your side to help you tackle leadership challenges that impact every critical moment from your 480-minute workday to the 480 months spanning your leadership career.

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Welcome to DDI Australia

We invite you to spend a few minutes getting to know us, and our approach to leadership.

Australian organisations are faced by a constant state of complexity. Disruption is in full force – and the management skills of the past will no longer cut it. It’s clear that a new kind of leadership is needed to propel organisations forward. Whether your charter is driving transformation and innovation, building an inspiring culture and purpose, boosting employee engagement and retention, or driving D&I initiatives (plus much more), we are here to help you make a difference and achieve outstanding results through your biggest asset – your people.

By your Side in Times of Transformation: Australia Resources

Global resources to help you pivot.

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The Leadership Development Playbook

Explore trends and proven best practices to design powerful development experiences in a disruptive leadership development landscape.

Our playbook will help you:

  • Spot the trends disrupting leadership today
  • Understand common challenges leadership development teams face
  • Explore new perspectives to reimagine your approach to developing leaders
  • Tap into 5 best practices to deliver high-impact leadership experiences
  • Create blended learning journeys in multiple formats

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Make the Switch to DDI’s Award-winning Virtual Classroom

Great leadership depends on human connection. That’s why it’s so important that leaders learn together. And it’s why the traditional classroom format has always been king for leadership development.

But you don’t have to give that up when your workforce goes virtual. Virtual classrooms are so much more than webinars or online training. They’re an engaging virtual environment where leaders connect and discuss live. And they offer incredible flexibility to bring people together wherever and whenever works best.

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The program has given assistant nurse unit managers more confidence, more opportunities, much more support, and more in-role development. We’ve built confidence. We’ve built capability at that level

— Maree Feery, Executive Director, People and Culture, Epworth HealthCare

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Client Public Workshops

DDI’s certification workshops are designed to build capability and enhance your ability to drive business impact for your organisation. Workshops are held in Sydney and Melbourne and are intended for the purpose of individuals within prospect and client organisations. Discounts are available for multiple registrations.

Facilitator Certification Process Workshop—Become an accredited DDI Facilitator to deliver over 60 award winning leadership development courses.​

Targeted Selection®: The Art and Science of Behavioural Interviewing—Become a confident interviewer using the world’s most proven, accurate behavioural interviewing system.

Targeted Selection®: Trainer—Become an accredited TS Trainer to implement the world’s most proven, accurate behavioural interviewing system in your organisation.

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Meet Our Local Team


Our DDI Australia team bring a unique intersection of expertise across people and culture, consulting and business leadership roles undertaken all over the world. This positions us to be able to deeply relate with and truly understand both Australian organisations and multinationals across a range of industries. Leveraging world-class research and cutting-edge, evidence-based methodologies, we are passionate about partnering with organisations to change mindsets and curate meaningful leadership experiences that not only drive business impact – but create better leaders and the communities they serve.

Sophia Andritsos
General Manager, DDI Australia

Soph is your guru on talent and succession management, executive assessment, leadership development, selection processes and systems and job analysis.

Learn more about Sophia

Dominique Powrie
Managing Consultant, DDI Australia

Dom is a trusted advisor to executive-level leaders where she develops future-fit leaders ready to navigate risk, inspire others, drive transformation and achieve results.

Learn more about Dominique

Steph Fergusson
Principal Consultant

Steph is highly experienced in designing and delivering leadership development and talent management intitiatives that build organisational capability and drive performance.

Learn more about Steph

Julie Hogan
Director - Marketing, Culture and Client Success, DDI Australia

Julie is your expert on developing and executing global marketing strategies, cultivating a growth culture and driving successful client initiatives.

Learn more about Julie

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