Partnering with leading organizations to create Better Leaders for a Better Future.

Across our four offices in Southeast Asia, one of the world’s fastest-growing regions, DDI ASEAN works with leading local and regional enterprises, government institutions, and multinationals across various sectors and industries to help them hire, promote, and develop exceptional leaders, from first-time managers to C-suite executives.



Suchada Chuensuksawadi
Vice President ASEAN

Suchada joined DDI in 2003 and currently serves as Vice President for DDI ASEAN, covering our operations in Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand.

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Roland Ruiz
Managing Director, DDI Philippines

Roland can provide solutions for organizations to accelerate their capability to consistently build and nurture leaders who can execute on their business strategy & priorities.

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Marina Ningkan
Managing Director

Marina has worked with global organizations, multi-nationals, local conglomerates, as well as government-linked corporations to deliver solutions in assessment, success profiling and talent management

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Apisith Thanopajai
Managing Director, DDI Thailand

Apisith leads DDI Thailand in providing clients with solutions to their leadership development efforts, workforce effectiveness initiatives and human capital strategies.

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Arttawan Supharattanatham
Regional Marketing Manager, ASEAN

Arttawan recently joins DDI and currently serves as a Regional Marketing Manager for DDI ASEAN.

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