Digital Transformation | Making Critical Leadership Decisions only on Intuition

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Data-Driven Decisions

At DDI, we can help you make data-driven decisions about who is best to lead your transformation. Whether you need different people in specific leadership roles or you may need to shift mindsets among your leaders, DDI will work alongside your organization to make sure everyone is aligned toward the same goals.  

First, use DDI’s Digital Leadership Quotient Inventory (DLQ), an online assessment tool to obtain insights on the leader’s ability to drive digital transformation. This assessment will provide you with two data: leadership competency readiness and potential under the digital business environment to enable your business to identify and select leaders capable of supporting and leading digital transformation.

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Next, use DDI’s competency-based leadership  assessments to get robust and objective data to accurately predict job performance.

C-Suite and Executive Positions

We can help you manage risk and identify the right people to promote or hire for executive roles. We adapt our model to fit both your unique business and the specific needs of the role.  By putting candidates in a realistic simulation, we can accurately predict performance. So, you'll know how they'll perform before they take on the role.

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Mid-level Positions

Our Leader3 Ready® Assessment is a profoundly immersive virtual simulation explicitly designed for your business context. It gives your mid-level and early executive leaders access to holistic data and insight that dives into the personality and skills to create exceptional leaders.

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Frontline Positions

DDI’s award-winning Manager Ready® Assessment is a realistic simulation of a manager’s role. Your leaders are quickly immersed in the job and challenges. It’s up to them to show how they’d really react on the job.

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