Hybrid Learning | Mobile Learning is only for Knowledge Acquisition

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Mobile Learning is only for Knowledge Acquisition

According to a PWC study, people in ASEAN spend the most time in the world accessing the internet through mobile devices, which means the region strongly embraces digital technologies. The same goes for the clients we've worked with who jumped in feet first in the e-learning or mobile learning space. Why not? With first-level leaders being busy as ever, it only makes sense to give leaders immediate access to learning content using mobile devices. But there are risks in simply substituting technology for leadership development.  

Mobile learning is one-way and offers no opportunities for interaction or knowledge sharing with others, leaving your leaders unmotivated. Add to that, courses with low degree of interactivity are simply dull. What's worse is the lack of integration back on the job confuses adult learners leading them to question the purpose of the learning initiative.

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