Hybrid Learning | Mobile Learning is only for Knowledge Acquisition

DDI's Transtalent

DDI's Transtalent is a mobile learning solution that focuses on accelerating the transition of first-level leaders on various competencies.  Integrating diagnostics and development, each module follows an engaging, time efficient learning experience that begins with a pre-test, bitesize micro learning, scenario simulations, and ends with a post-test.

DDI's Transtalent is supplemented by Cohort Operation Services designed to stimulate thinking, application, and encouragement to complete activities and objectives.  Finally, unique cohort or group results at key behavioral level can be used as input to further the development of the participants. Using Flipped Learning sessions conducted face to face or virtual, DDI Facilitators ensure the application of learning concepts through learning activities such as discussions, group work, case practice, problem-solving, and feedback.

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