Talent and Succession | Who to Place, Promote, and Select?

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Who to Place, Promote, and Select?

Have you ever experienced promoting a high potential that did not succeed in his new role? Are you unsure of what factors to consider when promoting people?  

Many organizations still confuse assessment of High Potentials and assessment of Readiness. Potential has to do with someone's ability to grow into a leader rapidly. In contrast, Readiness looks at who is capable of moving into a new role or level. Therefore, readiness assessment must give you a holistic view of whether the person can be successful or not. To do this, you need rich data and validated results to help you make objective decisions about who is ready for promotion. 

DDI offers competency-based leadership assessments that are accurate, engaging, and data is the key to great leadership. deeply insightful. Our assessments can help you reduce bias, accurately predict job performance, and create personalized development plans. Because we believe that objective data is the key to great leadership.

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