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Leadership Agility Index

Can your leaders master the art of change?

Leadership agility indexDDI’s Global Leadership Forecast 2014 | 2015 found that leadership agility is a combination of leader capability and leader effectiveness on core behavioural skills strongly linked to VUCA outcomes (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity).

Across all leaders in our research, only 18 percent rated highly on this Agility Index—a clear wake-up call for those companies in which agility is a mandate for survival and growth.

How agile are your leaders and how do they compare to their global and Australian counterparts?

It takes two minutes of your time to get your organisation’s Leadership Agility Index and find out.

Using our research sample (13,124 leaders, 1,528 HR executives and 2,031 organisations) and your responses to a short survey, the index provides a quick assessment of how agile your leaders are to deliver on your business needs. After completion of the survey, you will receive a report that includes recommendations for developing agility.

Why does leadership agility matter? Our research found that the organisational impact of agility is:

  • Shorter time to new leader performance
  • Faster company growth
  • Improved financial performance

This Leadership Agility Index is available for HR and business professionals within prospect and client organisations only. As the Leadership Agility Index compares your data with DDI’s GLF Australia sample, it is open to organisations within Australia or with operations in Australia. The Index is not a personal benchmark of your leadership agility, rather a view on agility across a population of leaders.

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